Billybob is in Kenya??

Hello penguins! Billybob was in kenya, and when penguins donated to CFC AKA Coins For Change, the money went to the poor, and now children in Kenya can now go to schools!
This is what Billybob wrote:

Hi penguins!

I know Coins For Change is finished but I wanted to share with you a great trip that I made recently to see the incredible work you contribute each year.

Cool right?
Anyways, Theres a bit more! Lets read it!

Buying subscriptions and donating to Coins For Change, you helped to build tons of schools in countries around the world. Kenya, Africa, in part. With your help, hundreds of children can now go to school. I visited these schools, playing soccer with the children there and see for myself the amazing work that Club Penguin has done. They even gave us a goat thank you gift!
Aand one more paragraph to go!
Here it is!
It was great to see the impact you have had on their lives! So keep it up!

In the meantime … Waddle on!

Thanks for reading!
Bye everyone!


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