Best Worker of December 2013 & January 2014

Hi Guys,

As you may know this is a VERY important posts for our authors. Every month I choose a best author/worker.  Today it is the final day of January and time to choose a best author however before I do that I did I would announce the best author of December 2013 with the best author of January 2014.

The Best Author of December 2013 goes to:


Congratulations! Here is your certificate.

AuthorThe reason he got this was because he was the only author who posted well in December.

Now for January.

January has been the toughest choice to make. I had 4 workers who did really well this month (Priyul, C0mputerguy, Minoglem & Dave2165) however I can only choose one.

The Best Author for January 2014 goes to



Here is your certficate.

C0mputerguyYou may have noticed a new design on the award saying how/why he got it.

If you did not get an award keep trying and you might be chosen next month! Please contact me C0mputerguy for your 7 day membership. Dave2165 does not get one because he did not post that much however he was the only poster.

Congratulations everyone and thanks for reading.

Waddle On!


  • C0mputerguy

    Thank you very much! I guess i’l win again next month. Actually i feel bad for an author who didn’t win.
    Also i just want to say thank you for supporting me! I appreciate that. 🙂

    • torres126

      Congratulations! It is unfortunate that I could not choose more than one person per a month. Many workers did very well this month. I would like to say thank you to you for supporting us. You need to post well in order to get another award!

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