What We Should Expect In This Year’s Fair

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Earlier, Polo Field posted a post that is kind of like a sneek peek. It shows us what will be happening during the fair this year. Here is what he said:

It’s been great hearing how excited everyone is about the Fair starting February 20. We’ve still got a sneak peek coming up, but here are a few things you can expect at this year’s party:
1. Fair Games – We’re bringing back all your favorite games, like Puffle Paddle and Balloon Pop!
2. Prizes – We’ve got all new prizes to be won. Ice cream hat anyone?
2. Daily Spin – Everyday, everyone will get a chance to spin the wheel for coins, prizes, and more!
3. Rides – This Fair is bigger and better than before. The team has worked on some all new rides and we can’t wait to show you.
4. Rookie – That’s right! Rookie will be visiting for this year’s Fair!
What do you love about the Fair? Share your favorite Fair moments in the comments!
Waddle On!
I love the fair for a number of reasons! We will have a manual Rookie tracker to increase your chances of finding Rookie during the part-ay!
rookie21Can’t wait!
If you do not know some of these games then you can click the following links to find out more:
Main Content On This Site:
Puffle Paddle is the one of the most popular games of the Fall Fairs. It was found in the Snow Forts (the Forest in 2010) and the main concept was to keep puffles in the air using a table tennis paddle. Puffle Paddle was first seen in the Fall Fair 2007 at theSnow Forts. It was later moved to the Forest for the other Fall Fairs.
Main Content On This Site:
Balloon Pop is a minigame in Club Penguin. It has been one ofThe Fair games since Fall Fair 2008, and allows earning tickets. It can be found in the Bonus Games Room at the Snow Forts.It was, originally, a members-only game, but now its been playable to non-members since The Fair 2009.

How to Play

The game is played on a vertical zone, where cacti are found on the walls, a trampoline is placed at the bottom, and a net blocks the top game area. Balloons in different colors with targets on them drop from the top side of the game. The player uses a fan to control a small hot air baloon, that has a Blue Puffle inside its basket. The objective of the game is to push the balloons to the cacti using the hot air balloon to pop them and collect the tickets that they drop. Hitting the cacti with the hot air balloon result loosing a life, an the game ends when loosing all life. Clicking the screen makes the fan blow more air.

After playing for some time, huge targets will appear (you need about 400 tickets). If you lose all the lives without popping any targets, it says: ‘Nice Try’.

Of course, we cannot go through every Fair game!
Anyways Polo small “error”! You put a 2 twice on your post!
Other than that, I think that this is a great post! Make sure to read those links I posted! Thanks for the post, Polo and of course…
Waddle On!

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