February Fair 2014 Guide

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This post is basically a guide on the Fall Fair! Make sure to read it!

Hi Everyone,

As you all may know, the February Fair has begun. This is the screen that will appear when you log in.

1111It is like the screen that appeared in the Prehistoric Party. I guess Club Penguin will have a new loading screen for each party, do you think the same as me?

Once you’ve logged on there will be a stage where the PB (Penguin Band) will be preforming. You cannot meet the actual Penguin Band but you can get a special background like Brady and Mack during the Teen Beach Movie Takeover. Here is how the the “stage” looks like.

asffdsfdsa Here is what will appear when the show begins!

fun fun

The Penguin Band will be singing “Anchors Away”. Here is the song on YouTube:

If you click on any member of the band you will be offered there background.

Fair┬áSimply click “yes” and the item will be added into your inventory for you to wear!

Rookie has come to the island and although we do not have a tracker yet we will have one soon.

You can also collect his background if you have him as a friend. It is called the “Rookie’s Giveaway” and here is how it looks.


As usual, there a new emotes for this party. Here they are!

dsaSACool emotes!

There is also a catalog. As usual for the Fair you need to earn tickets by playing games to buy items. Coins won’t help. Here is where you must go.


This is the first page of the catalog:


This is the second page:


As you might see I have a few prizes, this is because I got them in another party.

Here is a map of the Fair.


The Games!

Please choose the post for the games.

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