Club Penguin Fair Games: Feed-A-Puffle

Here is a guide to play Feed a Puffle! Please note this stays at the top so scroll down for more posts! Make sure to continue reading!

First you must click on the map of Party World and go to this place (The same place as Lunar Launch):
Map- Lunar Launch

Next you must waddle to something that looks like so.

Feed a puffle

Simply click “Yes” and you can begin to play. The game is like Feed a Puffle on the Wii game, Game Day. Here is what will appear.
Instructions - Feed a puffle

My way of getting a lot of tickets is to click the puffles as quick as possible.

For every blue puffle you get two tickets and for every red puffle you get 4 tickets. You can only get 50 tickets.
50 tickets feed a puffle

Then just click “Done” to get your tickets!

Please comment if this helped you and of course…
Waddle On!

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