The Fair Begins!


Sorry for posting this so late. I have been quite busy. This was a post made by Polo Field. Here’s what he said:

Step right up! The Amazement Park at the Fair is now open.

I think the team really knocked it outta the park with this one — what do you think? Every room has all-new art. And they’ve even updated some of the art in the classic Fair games – Feed-a-Puffle has gone spacey and Puffle Paddle has gone to the mermaids!

As with past Fairs, everyone will earn tickets for playing these games and can redeem their tickets for prizes.

Don’t forget to take part in the Daily Spin, where there’s more coins and prizes to be won. And free-players get a chance to win a silver ticket and can use it to hop on a member-only ride!

Waddle On!

I think that a sliver ticket is awesome! Thanks for giving us a brief summary of the Fair, Polo!

Leave a comment on what you think!

~Torres Out

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