Club Penguin App Gets Loads of New Rooms

Hi Guys,

For the first time in quite a while, I logged on to the Club Penguin (Formally known as My Penguin) app on iPad. To my surprise, there were lots of new rooms on the game. The new rooms that I found out about today are the Forest, the Cove, the Mine Shack, the Ice Rink (Stadium) and the school. I am amazed on what the team have done with the app and now and the app might come out on Android during spring, later this year. Here’s the map for when you log on on the app.
As you may notice the map has got some new rooms. The last time I logged on, was the time when Polo Field announced the Snow Forts (in December/January time). However there is a small bug/glitch. The Iceberg has been released however it isn’t stated on the map. Unfortunately, the screen shot of the Iceberg didn’t save so I cannot share the picture with you.

Although I didn’t get a picture of the Iceberg, I did get pictures of the other new rooms. Here’s the Forest.
Yes, I was advertising online…
The Forest is the same as the online version except the fact that you can’t waddle to the Plaza. You still can waddle to the Mine Shack and the Cove! Let’s start with the Cove! Here it is.
Once again, it is the same as the online version. Here’s the Mine Shack but the Mine isn’t available on the Club Penguin app yet.
You cannot enter any rooms from the Mine Shack other than the Forest and the School. Talking about the School here it is!
The school is exactly the same as the online version. From the school, you can go to the Ice Rink AKA (Also known as) the Stadium.
You may notice when you walk on the app only, your penguin will begin to slip in a way for around five seconds.

I think the team have done a great job on the app since I’ve last checked it. I’ll try to get an image of the Iceberg again soon. Please like if you thought this post was helpful! Enjoy waddling on the app!

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