Penguin of the Week: 7th March 2014

Hi Guys,

There is a new penguin of the week! There’s also a new item that you receive when becoming Penguin of the Week. Click here to find out more about this item. Here’s what Daffodaily5 said.


Today’s Penguin of the Week is a real bookworm! Heartsweet50 loves to learn new things every day (because learning is ace!) and I’m sure if you see them around the island they would share a fun fact with you! Stay smart, stay cool! 🙂


If you can think of an awesome reason for your friend to be the star of Penguin of the Week then be sure to leave a comment below! Winners now receive an exclusive, brand new, super amazing, unique player card background AND 10,000 coins!


This is an awesome background in my view! Comment on what you think! Well done, Heartsweet50!

~Torres Out!

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