Cadence Visiting French Servers

Hi Guys,

A few of you might remember me posting a code since the French version of Club Penguin was five years old! Well, guess what! The Club Penguin French team will be logging on as Cadence tomorrow and hopefully next week! We might (not will) have a Cadence tracker up. Here’s what was written.

i ice!

This month, it’s been 5 years that Club Penguin was released in French !

To celebrate this anniversary with us, we have a surprise guest:  Cadence ! The queen of dance and plates pass over the island until March 19 ! Tomorrow, I will announce on the blog a few hours of sightseeing. While waiting to see her, I’ll come today at 17.30 hour on Yeti Café France to mark the event with you. Anyone?

While any!

Loustik005 😉

The content above has been translated from French to English. As a matter of fact, Loustik005 was visiting some igloos a few minutes ago! Will you meet Cadence? Comment below if you will or won’t!

~Torres Out!

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