Puffle Park Confirmed + New Puffles Coming to the Island

Hi Guys,

Yesterday, Polo Field posted about the Puffle Park coming to Club Penguin. You might remember my post about rumours of the Puffle Park two days ago. I posted more information yesterday that can be found by clicking here. Now, Polo Field has given us a screenshot of the room so the Fog Room will NOT be the room for the Puffle Park. Here’s what Polo Field said.

Happy Friday, penguins!

I promised a bunch of you a sneak peek today, so… Let’s get this sneak peek party started!

As many of you have heard, the Puffle Party is coming to Club Penguin in April! Not only that, but we’re almost finished coding two brand new puffles! But before we sneak peek the new puffles coming next month… I thought everyone should see the brand new room that will be coming in April, too… the Puffle Park!

In other news… Puffles are coming to the Club Penguin app! I can’t say too much about it just yet, but I’ll share a sneak peek as I can, because puffles look SUPER awesome in 3D… Tell your friends! Tell your dog and your cat, your teachers, your brothers and sisters! Tell the moon! (if it will listen…) This is gonna be HUGE!

Oh, and see everyone later this afternoon for Field Friday!

Until then… Waddle on!

Now, the puffles are most probably going to be dog and cat puffles BUT this is just rumours. Club Penguin won’t even tell me in a private email on what puffle is coming to the island. Here’s what they sent me in the email.

Hi there,
Good question!  I don’t want to ruin any surprises, so I recommend keeping an eye on the Club Penguin Times and What’s New blog.  Those are two of the best sources for information about upcoming events and parties!

Best fishes,

Club Penguin Support

Now, Club Penguin even mention “Dog and cat”, two animals that will be made into puffles. Although I am 99% sure that dog and cat puffles are coming to the island I doubt it will be during the Muppets World Tour since the Puffle Party is confirmed in April 2014. You never know! Comment below on your thoughts!

Waddle On!




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