Spamming Comments Has Gone Too Far

Hi Guys,

We used to get a bit of spam every once in a while. It has been brought to my attention that we have been receiving too much spam because of bots. This is not acceptable. Prior to that, copyright has also gone too far. Spam is caused by using a source of HTML on your blog. This means you are right clicking to find this blog’s source and you are adding the code to your blog. I’m fed up with people doing this. This causes spam on my blog. Spam isn’t accepted. If you try that now, ot’s a straight ban forever from commenting on this site. We’ve already banned 6 people. We have spam bots to help but they are getting defeated by all the spam. We don’t want you to have to type a message in order to comment but it’s looking that way. Please do your share and comment properly on posts. We really appreciate having a non-spammed blog.

Thank you,
Torres 126
Blog owner

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