Club Penguin Map Bug!

Hey guys,

As you all know,the Puffle Park was added as soon as the Puffle Party 2014 started,but the ‘Quests’ section of the map was added a week before the Puffle Party 2014 started. If you open your map,the Puffle Park is clearly visible on the map:



But after you click on the Quests button,the Puffle Park is not visible on the map and so is the entrance of the Puffle Park from the Plaza! Here  is how the map looks after you click on the Quests Button:



Looking at this bug,it seems like Club Penguin forgot to update the way the map looks after you open the Quests Tab. I do hope Club Penguin fixes this bug as soon as possible (ASAP). Its not annoying although,but I think we all want Club Penguin to be bug free too 🙂

UPDATE: This bug is now fixed 😀

That’s all for now,

Waddle On!


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