#LEGOCP: Gary’s Message

Hey Lego and Club Penguin fans,

As you all know we’ve teamed up with Lego Club Penguin! Gary has written a message on their ideas blog. Let’s see what he said!

Greetings, friends! Gary here. As you may have heard, I’ve recently gotten back from the wondrous future. I saw many things, like robot waitors, and alien zoos. But, other than that, I discovered an amazing fact: there were Club Penguin LEGO products. However, it happened because of this website in which you are browsing right now. The project that you are currently viewing will need 10,000 people to vote for it by clicking the SUPPORT button in order to be considered for mass production. If that doesn’t happen before May 1, 2015, the changes it will make to the future will be dire. In the future, this product is set to be the latest craze. And, as you might imagine, being an inventor myself, the possibilities to create are endless with these little bricks. Due to this, it was quite a pleasant surprise to me when I saw that this set existed on store shelves.

We just need to make sure that supporting goes as planned. Come on, you know you want to help out. So get out and promote the projects in your circles! You’ll also know more about what will occur in the future at the Future Party, coming to Club Penguin starting May 22! And believe me, the island could use some help. I’m signing out. Stay sharp.

Kindest regards,

Ten thousand? You must be thinking that’s a lot! Well it is, but we can help #LEGOCP achieve this goal. How? Simply visit their ideas blog and click the support button! Stay tuned for more updates!

Torres Out!

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