#LEGOCP Party! (Now Over)

Update: This party is now over

#LEGOCP is holding a party today! Here are the details:

The moment you have been waiting for is finally here. We’ve got the first look at our high quality, completed, POVray-rendered model of the Town Center from the online game Club Penguin. And what better way to kick off #LEGOCP week, a week of support, promotion, and ending with a huge party in *scary voice* THE FUTURE! That’s right, the Future Party is coming to Club Penguin this Thursday, May 22! We’re hosting an epic party to celebrate the discovery of the future and our great work on this project.

Join us on Friday, May 23, at 3:00 PM PST (Penguin Standard Time). That is 6:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) and 8:00 PM British time. Meet us on server Sleet at the Snow Forts. We’re inviting Spike Hike AND Polo Field to this event, going throughout all of the rooms present at this new event, and maybe suit up as Robos to stop Protobot from sinking the island with meteors… 😉 Leave your igloo open, as we may like yours when we get the chance!

Now, without further adieu… waddle waddle waddle, here’s our new model! The site linked below provides an in-depth review of the model, as well as throwbacks to the first two Town Centers that brought us to where we are today.


What do you think? You can see the three main buildings: the Coffee Shop, Dance Club, and Clothes Shop, as well as a few outdoor objects such as the table and chairs, clothesrack, bench, and the notice board and a lamp post connected by a hinge! Even the buildings are hinged, allowing you to angle them as they appear in the game. We tried to be as close as possible with this. And we hope you agree, that it rocks! Also, we realize that some stickers and prints of signs are missing on the buildings. Eventually, we may add them, but if not, we will leave it up to LEGO to include these in the final set. It was just too complicated.

Remember to keep supporting and sharing! Waddle on. Also, put next update is a Q&A, so send in your questions!

Are you attending? Comment below!

Torres Out!

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