Discussion: Prohibited from Making Graphics

Hi everyone,

So we all see Club Penguin graphics often. This site that you’re on offers the option to order graphics such as custom stamps that I create. Now, I’m not a great graphics designer but some people are. They can design some of the best custom penguins (graphics with your penguin’s items and design but doing different posing instead of just facing straight straight like in the custom stamps I make) out there! You’d think that they might even one day be an artist for Club Penguin and design items for the catalog based on the talent they’ve shared of creating graphics for others, right? Turns out that isn’t the case…

Before I begin I want to say that this is a discussion and not a warning. If you create graphics then you should continue to do so, despite what will be featured in this post. I highly doubt you will get into trouble as I can report that no one has before. You will understand what I mean shortly…

I asked Club Penguin about creating graphics a few weeks ago and I found the email in my inbox today. I asked whether or not I am allowed to create graphics for others. This was their…pretty interesting response.


Say what?!?! Creating graphics is against the rules and you could get into trouble? Let’s analyse this email. So, firstly, there is no comma after “Hi there”. Oops, I won’t get distracted. When you create a graphic, you are certain to use some form of content which is visible on the island such as an item. Fair enough, this is the property of Club Penguin. Before we question why no trouble has actually occurred about this, I want to show you the terms and conditions of Club Penguin. In particular, the copyright section which is most likely for this issue to be in.

Well, it turns out it isn’t there. If it is, I didn’t read all 6914 (yes, that’s a true number) words on the page but if you are able to find it, let me know! I’m going to come back to people being aware of this in a moment.  So maybe Jen is just lying although it does make slight sense what she is saying except for one thing. When you share a custom penguin it is just given as an image. There is no “information” about anything and I wouldn’t expect the information to be the items used in the custom penguin. This is something that does not make sense. Now for the serious trouble part.

I know many people who design graphics for others, none of which have been in trouble (as far as I know) for designing graphics so you shouldn’t worry too much about getting into trouble. In fact, you shouldn’t worry at all! I also know many people who had no idea of this issue! I interviewed one of these graphics designers called Flippy.

Torres 126: Hi. I kind of was wondering if I could interview you for a discussion I’m making on Club Penguin Mountains about it being against the rules to create graphics for others. Are you concerned or even aware that you could get into trouble with Club Penguin for designing graphics for others as they claim that “All the content that you see on the island is considered the property of Club Penguin. If you were to share this information you would get in a lot of trouble.”? Thank you!

Flippy: I would consider this as “Fan Art”. People around here should know where it is from. Because it is not like I would get jailed for making a CP custom penguin.

I totally have to agree with Flippy. Club Penguin loves fan art and so do we and I do believe that custom penguins are fan art. How could Club Penguin punish you for creating one of these? I think all they could do is ban you as I can’t image a court with Spike Hike and a graphics designer…and still no one has been (and I doubt will be) banned yet. By the looks of it, Flippy wasn’t even aware of this “rule” so I don’t think they could ban someone for a rule that isn’t on the rules page!

I think that I can conclude it is indeed safe to make graphics but the response Club Penguin gave me was very vague and inaccurate. I think that Club Penguin should address these small issues in their emails since “serious trouble” wouldn’t be a small issue for a graphics designer. Well, Jen, how did you do? I think you did very poorly, I’m afraid to say as Disney will almost certainly not take any action against those who make a graphic.

Just to summarise, you are able to create graphics and I highly doubt you’ll get into trouble for doing so as no one has. The email that I received was not an appropriate response. If you have any concerns, make sure you comment them below and I’ll clarify or you can email Club Penguin. Waddle On!



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