Disney’s Interference with Club Penguin Rewritten

With an adult’s permission, please do sign the petition to help try and save CP Rewritten!

It’s a shame. I was hoping to not have to make this post for a while and that I could focus rather on a celebratory one. Unfortunately. I was wrong. Disney is likely trying to take down Club Penguin Rewritten, which has caused anger to many players in the community.

In this post, I’ll be summarising what’s actually been happening and my strong opinions on it and why it benefits absolutely no-one. You may love it, you may hate it, throw that out the window. These are the facts.

Earlier today, Disney filed a domain claim in an attempt to take the Rewritten to domain. It is important to note that this could be a fake Disney (people have impersonated them to perform such actions in the past) yet the vast majority of the community think it is likely real. For the purpose of this post, the assumption is that this was a real email from Disney themselves.

Theoretically, this means that the game itself is not being taken down, or so we can assume at the moment. However, Codey (one of the two administrators of the game) is not planning to make such changes. This is not the first time this has been said though and as we’ve seen before, things can sometimes work out.

However, every other staff member is willing to “put up a fight” (as said by stu) and it is almost certain that the team will do so to help, essentially, save and protect the huge community which has been built around this game. This is all the information we know so far, yet more will be revealed to us as time goes on. That concludes the information so far!

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Thank you for 250K Views & The Future of this Blog

Hey everyone!

Blogging since 2013 has been a fun journey, with recently me focusing on Club Penguin Rewritten which has proved extremely enjoyable and beneficial for the growth of this blog.

In fact, today this blog hit 250 thousand views which is an extraordinarily large number! I’m very thankful to all of those who continue to support and read this blog on a consistent basis and I would like to thank everyone reading for helping me to achieve this incredible milestone! I do appreciate that a lot! However, I also need your help!

It’s been a month and a half since I’ve started posting about Club Penguin Rewritten and I’ve really been enjoying it! Recently I’ve been working on some new pages and other little neat visual designs which you will hopefully see in a few weeks, but I think I’m going to spend this post explaining the future of this blog.

So, Club Penguin Rewritten content is going nowhere. This is currently the new header, however I might decide to make some changes to it soon.

So Club Penguin Rewritten is going nowhere and this blog will be focused on the game for many months to come! The rest of the year is lined up with great parties and that can only mean *hopefully* great content!

Pengur is another CPPS that is partnered with CP Rewritten and will be releasing very soon. The unique thing about this private server is that a lot of it is made up of custom content and is set in the “new” era. For example, here’s a picture of the map of the island.

Whilst I won’t be blogging about Pengur until it releases, I have confidence that the game will be extremely fun and cool, so it’s a likely possibility that I will be blogging about it in the future! Alright, I guess I’ve put this off for too long.

There are some serious flaws with Club Penguin Island and I plead for the team to start listening, at least responding and hopefully implementing changes. However, it is the official franchise, and some very exciting things are coming which I would quite like to be a part of and report on.

Note the igloo in the door of the vehicle on the far left

I don’t regret the break I’ve taken recently, I’ve enjoyed the ability to just play. Recently, I’ve played the game a little bit and it is enjoyable for casual play, but not really enough to dedicate such a significant time blogging about. There is a reason why there are so few Club Penguin Island bloggers left. However…

When I started blogging about Club Penguin Rewritten, I said there would be a line. At the point when CP Rewritten blogging just began, this blog was mainly CPI dominated (and still is, until I upload the changes) with all the pages being CPI-themed. Then I completely cut CPI off the line..

This is an idea I have been considering for the new line. Also by the way, this line thing is completely hypothetical.

Essentially, I can imagine me blogging about Club Penguin Island update news and other major news, but guides would be lacking. It would also probably not be as visible but, this is only a possibility if the promise of amazing things coming soon is true, and from the sneak peek shared recently, I suspect it is.

Yes, this is my blog, but I would really like to hear from my audience on this. So here’s what I’d like to do, I’d like to hear from you! I’ve set up a page on a site which I’ve seen many community members use lately, Saraha. The idea is that you can simply send in a message, big or small, with as much details as you like, anonymously without having to create an account or sign in.

I’m interested to know, what are your thoughts on my ideas and how Club Penguin Mountains is going now. Do you want to see the return of some Club Penguin Island content, or would you rather just me stick with Club Penguin Rewritten. Please click here to send in feedback, it would be much appreciated.

So that is the future of Club Penguin Mountains, but for now, let’s focus on the present. Thank you very much for 250 thousand views, it means a lot to me, and I hope that number will increase as time goes by!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

The Problems with Club Penguin Island

On March 29th 2017, after a journey that lasted over a decade, the web version of Club Penguin was closed down in favour of Club Penguin Island, a decision that backfired quickly with the new mobile version receiving a significant amount of “hate” and criticism, obtaining a rating of less than three stars.

However, many people do still enjoy the game, citing that going mobile only is beneficial in the long run. In this post, I will be discussing my opinion (as well of the opinions of others) about the issues with Club Penguin Island and the impact which Club Penguin Rewritten is making on the official franchise.

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Some Random CP Island Thoughts…

Today an undeniably, no matter how controversial, significant member and blogger of Club Penguin has left the community: Riyita, the owner of Club PEnguin Space. I would first like to say that it is a real shame to see Riyita leave but due to this, many people have been questioning the future of our Island.

Club Penguin Island is amazing, it has so much potential (read more) but it won’t replace Club Penguin. There’s just something about the game that makes it so different to the classic version, something that can’t be pointed simply on the restriction of non-members.

If browser gaming is really dead, explain how private servers are thriving. Every wrong decision made can be brought back to the team, under leadership from Spike Hike, deciding to go down the mobile-only route. In 2014/5-ish when they started going heavily down this route, the game was still successful. But then it started going downhill.

The problem with CPI compared to classic CP is that they’re focusing too much on stuff inside the game when they should be focusing on stuff outside of it. It’s awesome to be able to customise your clothing to make it however you like – but where are the armies and pookies?

We’ve seen more players create social media accounts, but not nearly as many as those who left but promised to return when “Project Super Secret” was revealed, only for that to disappoint many. Why are the same blogs still going with the addition of only a handful more? Read more.

Classic Club Penguin just had that special feel to it that’s hard to explain in words. I can see why CP Rewritten is so successful because of it, they’ve successfully captured that feel, something which CPI hasn’t done. Club Penguin Island needs to be more than just another game – a good a game as it is.

Club Penguin’s value is indeed in the community and more of that needs to be invested into CP Island. I mean, it’s great the team are now interacting on Twitter. Eventually I hope to see the team responding on YouTube videos, blogs, and going with the giving bloggers minor sneak peeks idea. That’s interaction that should happen, in my opinion.

Like, Club Penguin Rewritten probably has more daily users than CP Island and I can see why. I don’t play it but from the screenshots, it’s because of the community. That’s why Megg has such an important role in the success of the Island. And this post has no structure but something I still wanted to share.

Also, Wikipedia, I love Club Penguin Island so don’t consider this negative, kthxbai. Thanks for reading!

-Torres 126

My Thoughts on the Club Penguin Island “Criticism”

Club Penguin Island has a rating of 2.4 due to unjustified and unreasonable hate by players who are not fans of Club Penguin. In this post, I am finally sharing my thoughts on this so-called criticism to our island. These opinions are “controversial” and if you disagree, I would encourage you to leave a comment or a tweet as it is a discussion.


Right. Where do we begin? Let’s start with this awful top comment from the Club Penguin Island Facebook page.

“Oh look… its the woman who killed club penguin…literally worst cp CEO by far”

Where do I begin here? Firstly, if you knew anything about Club Penguin, the game does not have a CEO and the closest person to that role is Kyle Patrick Laughlin. Megg/Bobbi, who you referred to as “the woman who killed club penguin”, is the community manager and can’t simply do that.

95 people agreed with these but that brings me to my main point. A large chunk of the criticism is from people who left years ago and are now going “my childhood is ruined” yet they have no clue of recent years. If they did, I have a feeling they would appreciate the meggnificence of Megg a lot more.

It took me three clicks to find the first person saying this. Don’t leave for many years and come back now complaining that your childhood has been ruined when in reality you have no clue of what’s going on.

On the topic of reviews, this confuses me. The Club Penguin franchise is continuing yet people are leaving one star reviews in hope that people won’t download Club Penguin Island and it fails…in which case the official Club Penguin franchise will be over forever? Like, can you not be a bit grateful that they’re trying to keep at least part of your “childhood” alive? Would you rather the entire franchise Club Penguin franchise just ends?

Most of this isn’t even criticism. Rsnail summed it up perfectly when saying this:

The thing is that old Club Penguin cannot be brought back, like some people demand. This was not a change inspired for money. The idea that the team don’t care about us is…crazy. The decision to go mobile only was not an easy one for the team, they have said that. They know that most people now, especially younger people, have mobile devices. They probably would have know that classic Club Penguin was reaching the end of its lifetime with servers being filled with bots and 2-month-long takeovers. They would not spend over 2 years of work to make a “quick buck” like some people claim unless they truly cared for the game and believe me, they do.

It’s very hard to be polite to people who exaggerate the faults of Club Penguin Island so greatly but I tried. Let’s just give some ideas for now.

What does need to happen:

It’s fair to say that whilst most of these reviews are highly exaggerated, the game isn’t perfect. There are three things though which I feel need to happen for Club Penguin Island to pick up to at least a 4 star rating:

  1. Give non-members more features
  2. Do something about private servers (classic Club Penguin ones)
  3. Try and recreate an “old CP” feel

I keep going back to the fact that players will constantly compare the classic version to the new version. Players are already doing that and non-members request at least to wear the pre-registration items. Personally, I think there was a reason why this never happened in the first place. Maybe the team could only program items to be member or non-member altogether but hopefully with such a vast amount of feedback, that will change.

And I do believe that will change. Let me explain. Originally during the geo-beta, the problem with Club Penguin Island membership was how expensive it was. Our feedback made it lower and I’m sure our feedback will have a similar effect on non-member features. We’ve already seen non-members slowly get more features like cannonballs and most recently the ziplines. Eventually I feel that will extend to clothing but it will take some time.

Some people aren’t even that fond of a membership system. It is certainly unique for mobile, but honestly, what’s the answer? Games like Clash Royale can do purely in-app purchases because they’re competitive e-sports, which Club Penguin Island isn’t. Until a solution is designed, membership isn’t too bad.

How to improve the non-member restriction problem


Pre-registration rewards (alumni jacket and beta hat) have got to be for non-members else there will always be so much negative criticism. This is a good start but when igloos come out, I would try and focus on making igloos more for members yet clothing more for everyone. Eventually I’d like to see the first one or two packs available for non-members to wear as well.

Tube (singular):

Members should, in my opinion, have the ability to get some really awesome looking tubes! But non-members should at least get the tube. The main two reasons for this are that it’s annoying to have so many locked things on your interface.

The second is that it’s a tube! All it let you does is float on water, go down waterslides and from later this month, go Sled Racing. It’s not much and making mini-games a member only experience will not at all be a good idea. But I don’t think it’s unfair to give non-member the basic tube if members are able to get some really awesome ones.

Some adventures, eventually:

Currently there’s three chapters of adventures and I’ll explain a bit later on how I’d like this number to increase. When there’s some more chapters for members to complete, it really would not hurt to make the basic ones non-member only. When a bug meant non-members could do some mascot adventures, people weren’t surprised because it isn’t too unreasonable.

My suggestion would be to let people play either chapter one of Rockhopper’s Adventures or Aunt Arctic’s Adventures. It might be logical to go with AA’s Adventures because that’s what you get introduced to at the beginning, non-member or member. Eventually, why not both? But adventures should be something that will slowly unlock for non-members as time goes by. It may take a year, maybe more, but something that should happen.

Overdoing member features in the future:

Things like puffles should be able to have some colours adopted by non-members. I know that’s many months down the line but do have a double think about what non-members get each update too. Of course, members must also get a lot, but still ensure that non-members are also excited for updates!

These are four things and I think they can make a MAJOR difference to the point I’m surprised no changes have been made already. Hopefully they work on something soon.

Classic Club Penguin Private Server Issues:

This is probably the most controversial part of this post. I appreciate that some people are trying to keep the classic version alive. It’s hard to distinguish these people from those who are profiting of the closure of the classic game claiming it’s for “educational purposes” when receiving donations when the game is offline.

I won’t go into names or details but I think most people know what I’m talking about. Receiving over 100K viewers in a matter of days is very impressive but it is also a threat to Club Penguin Island. I doubt there’s ever been a time in CP history where a non-official game is literally competing with an official one that has the power to end the contest.

If you search “Club Penguin”, “island” is first but the name of the CPPS is second. The Club Penguin franchise is continuing and I don’t feel like this private server will help it to continue to its full potential. Anyway, some brief points and not necessarily something that needs to happen but something that would help a lot.

The “Old CP” Feel

The team can help with this, mainly by listening to our feedback. But this is about the players! it is awesome that we’re seeing new social media accounts, new blogs, new readers of blogs, new chat servers and things like that. It’s really bringing back that old Club Penguin feel which was mainly because of the community. Once everyone begins to like Club Penguin Island and we get that “old CP feel”, I think we’ll be a lot better off.

And…back to “criticism”:

It is indeed true that the classic version had more places to explore and you could argue more things to do. But this was classic Club Penguin after the same amount of time CP Island has been out.

More stuff will come in updates. So much amazing stuff is coming, a lot that will be new and a lot that will be familiar. Here’s proof. Above was the map in 2005. Below is the map from classic Club Penguin before it ended after a difference of over eleven years. The point is, the island needs time to develop so give it that! The game is new yet they’ve already done so much and it’s important to realise that, especially before leaving a negative review!

Monthly Update System:

On the topic of more things coming, let’s talk about the monthly update system. It isn’t quite the weekly update system but I think provided there’s events and free items in-between updates, it’ll be fine!

Each update will be big but I do have an ambition for each update. I have no clue how realistic this is but I would like new adventures and new levels with new rewards each update. The adventures might not be possible, but at the start of the update, there should be no player at max. It makes it more boring for that player.

Rewards don’t need to be anything big but then again, I have no clue how realistic this is. Clothing can literally be copied from classic Club Penguin, we would love that to happen! Here’s an idea I had for a random pack…the Sky Adventure Pack.


It would contain the propeller cap, space suit, helmets etc. from classic Club Penguin, a tube that’s like a rover and maybe some emojis. That could be a pack and I would love that because it increases the max level, something which I would love to happen with each update.

I Love Club Penguin Island

I just need to add this because Wikipedia considers all my reviews on Club Penguin Island negative even though they’re positive. But it’s true, I love Club Penguin Island. It has a bright potential and I hope for Club Penguin Island to reach millions and millions of more downloads.

Anyone who fails to support it isn’t a Club Penguin fan if they want the official franchise to end but I mean, how could you dislike it other than for the restriction of non-members? The filter is better, the gameplay is better, I’ve never actually been hyped for a new update for over a year now. Club Penguin Island is amazing, my only concern is that not enough membership sales will take place to keep the HQ running but it’s something I really hope will change as it really deserves too.

Okay…so. Thank you very much for reading and uh- have a great day!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

Club Penguin Island Meet-Up Disaster

Going against all previous promises made, the team has hosted a meet-up on the same day as update day. What’s worse is that they did it on the old update, meaning that all the players who updated to version 1.2.1 (including myself) could not attend the meet-up.

Basically this tweet was absolutely false.

Update: People online (also myself) have calmed down. Yeah, it’s disappointing and I still believe communication in the team needs to improve. But it’s a mistake I think/hope they will learn from (even if it’s the second time). Originally I called it a “disgrace” and I kinda stand by that name, since people did lose trust in the team, but not everyone did. 

The fact that they cannot even get communication right has made me drop my review of 7 out of 10 to:


People are angry and frustrated that the team can’t sort out communication to even get a party on the right version.

Above are the people waiting for the meet-up which they can’t attend since they updated the app. The reason I’m lowering my rating to 6 isn’t because of the fact it’s a meet-up.

They’ve given false information, disappointed players but above all, they’ve not sorted out communication. Imagine this for something worse. I hope the team realises that this needs to change soon.

-Torres 126

The Educational Side to Club Penguin Island

The parents page of Club Penguin claimed that such an enjoyable virtual world was actually educational, that players could even learn mathematics from it. Whether or not that is actually true, it’s unlikely, but the point is that Club Penguin always likes advertising themselves as educational. Let’s turn that concept into a Club Penguin Island reality…

Firstly, you get your classic “you have to work to get your coins and spend them wisely ” concept and that is relevant. It’s not what I want to focus this article on but still something I would like to discuss in just one paragraph.

I’m max level and that took 40 days to earn. But ultimately, I had to do everything from doing each Daily Challenge and doing each adventure. Others were there to help. But I don’t feel like this really pushes it enough to consider the game even slightly “educational”, nor does spending your coins since it is common to have currency and to choose how to spend it.

So then what makes Club Penguin Island stand out? What makes it more educational compared to its competitiors, allowing the world to stand out on app stores with a solid example of a reason why this game is educational in a unique way? The answer: catalogs

This is what I’m most excited for in the 1.2 update coming this month, the ability for us to create our own catalogs to “sell” to other people. The opportunity to enter contests. This is just for clothing, imagine when Igloos come out and Rory is a catalog then (which will be happening by the way).

However, what does “sell” mean? Here is my idea which I am extremely hopeful will come to the game. You are essentially designing a product from scratch and selling it. What is the incentive for a player to do such a thing? 💵

Money, or in this case, coins! Here’s an example:

For the seller:

  • You design your item using whatever decals and fabrics are available to you at your level. It should be relevant to the themes
  • You put you decide what price to sell your item. It must cost at least what it took to make, which would be decals, fabrics and the blueprint itself all added together. If it’s too expensive, no one will buy it, but if it’s too cheap, you don’t get many coins, just like in real life.
  • You get to put your item on the store at an extra cost of around 20-50 coins per item.
  • You end up getting about 20% of profits.

Example: You use the “Top Dog” blueprint, leopard fabrics and CP decal. This altogether costs 120 coins plus the say, thirty extra coins to put it on the store. 150 coins. Now you decide how much profit you want and you decide that to be 20 coins. The cost of your item is 170 coins and you get 4 coins each sale.

1000 people buy it and when the themed event ends you get 10% of the profits, as such making you 4000 coins at the end of the event. Not a bad deal!

For the Buyer:

  • You browse through the most popular items and you don’t like any of them, so you switch modes into showing random designs
  • You decide you want a leopard outfit so you narrow down your options by using the filter button, choosing the “Top Dog” blueprint and the leopard fabric. You find the one you want
  • Since you are the same level or a higher level than the seller, you can buy it
  • You pay the 170 coins the seller asks for it and the item is yours

Granted, this method would need tweaking as it plays out and the 20% profit is simply a guess of how to balance it fairly. It could be more, it could be less, but I hope you get the overall idea.

This would not only be EXTREMELY fun but would encourage creativity and allow Club Penguin Island to advertise the app as more educational. It’s something I would really hope to see and you never know, maybe this is already the case! We’ve not been told if those who sell items will get coins for it but hopefully this will idea will be taken into consideration.

Before concluding this post, thank you to Superqami. We spent some time discussing these ideas and it was pretty fun to put them all down in a post. Thank you very much for reading this and if you like it, feel free to email the team with this idea.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

PS. I’m on holiday at the moment and this was pretty difficult to make since all I have is my tablet and a keyboard so that might be why there’s a lack of images/designs etc. I can really visualise how this would look but I would need a computer to show you. Have a great day!

CP Island Update 1.1.2 – Full Breakdown & Review

Club Penguin Island has been updated to version 1.1.2 and the most notable change is the fact it’s released worldwide. In this post we’ll be looking at some initial responses to the game and I’ll explain why I am extremely disappointed with this.

What’s New
“Hey Penguins! We’ve squashed some bugs to make the Island even better. Waddle On!”
We’ve also learnt that the membership prices have changed! Unfortunately non-member features will only be less restricted next month which made a lot of people at school dislike the game. Here are the new prices.
$4.99 USD/month
£3.99 GBP/month
€ 4.49 EUR/month
$6.49 CAD/month
$6.49 AUD/month
$6.49 NZD/month
There are other small updates, like when you tap the “Clear Cache button” it will speak to you…
Unfortunately, I also feel like we’re getting more bugs than we are in the beta…
First issue and I am one of the many people experiencing this, the game won’t even load and I’ve got a feeling it’s not because all the servers are full (even if it is – that’s a problem but a good one). I couldn’t reach out to Club Penguin for response because of this but I’ve followed their tutorials and it still won’t work!
Some people can’t even complete the tutorial, an issue which I believe nobody had when the beta first came out. Pretty major bug, you don’t want uninstalls as soon as it comes out.
Then we get to even more major bugs where Madzom8ie was charged just under 3X the price for one months worth of membership!

It gets worse with some people reporting that they aren’t even getting their membership which they paid for! We cannot confirm if this is true though but either way, not good. Huge credit to the team for reducing prices though, just another example as how we as a community CAN influence the team!

How it was received
Launching the game on the 29th was a horrible idea. Most of the day was filled with Disney protests and the game has received a very negative review with more people giving 1 stars than any other stars on Google Play.
According to Google it received over 6300 reviews and is currently sitting at a rating of 2.7. Many downloaded it and it did make the news. Also, it’s part of the Editor’s Choice selection on Google Play.

I’m disappointed by the bugs but the team are very talented and I’m sure they’ll be fixed quickly (good luck to them doing that!). However, many players have signed up and hopefully peoples’ views will shift quickly.

Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

The Club Penguin Times 6 – #WaddleOn


This is a special Club Penguin closing edition…a world that has lasted over 11 years, closing in just a matter of hours. The end is near, but I can’t thank the team enough for what they have done for us. Read more here. 

As we approach the end (there are 16 hours left at the time of writing), I’m beginning to realise just how much the small things matter, puffles. These cuddly cute creatures have been around for ages and will eventually be back on CP Island.

Puffles are probably going to be the thing I miss the most. However, owners want them to have a good life. I, like many, will be releasing mine to the wild and intend to call Club Penguin as soon as this is published.

Let’s take a moment to realise how fortunate we’ve been to have a sidekick waddling next to us all the time. To think that those pets, who to many of us are more than just coloured pixels, won’t be waddling next to us for a while. And that’s sad. Waddle on, puffles, waddle on.

“POSTCARD ME” is usually what is said at every mod meet-up. But today our postcards will be gone forever. I have printed mine out along with my puffle adoption certificate for free thanks to an app called FreePrints, which you may wan to check out with your parents if you are in the United Kingdom.

But these are the small things that were kind of irrelevant compared to things like puffles. Now I’m beginning to miss them already. Just a friendly reminder, please screenshot all your postcards and puffle certificates. The end is near.


I wrote this a month and a day ago. I’ve not released it until now. Before reading this, don’t get me wrong, I completely believe that Club Penguin Island is the correct route to go down. The game has been dropping in success and popularity and it needed a reboot, something to bring it back to life…the thing is, did it really need to be this way?


The end of Club Penguin was something which I briefly covered but it took a more positive yet not so honest approach, suggesting that I was completely fine with the game closing. If I could narrow it down to one word it would be frustration.

It frustrates me how the decision to close classic Club Penguin has been dealt with. I completely get that Flash is getting old but that appears to be the only reason which the team have let slip on why the game is closing.

It frustrates me how the team went down the path of #ProjectSuperSecret in 2014/2015 and completely abused the classic game. 2013 was such a great (in my opinion, the best) year for Club Penguin yet this one decision to focus on Project Super Secret and use it as an excuse to blame the shortcomings of the team in previous years.

When you’ve made 6 other mobile apps trying so hard to get into the mobile industry and have at least 4 apps completely flop and get shut down with very little new content, it is not a risk going completely into the mobile industry. It’s reckless.

Classic Club Penguin could have continued to be extremely successful up to now. The only way CP Island will even possibly become big is to listen to the community. I have faith in the new game but I feel like it is a completely unnecessary to make such an extreme decision that will either restore the success of Club Penguin (which was abused) or finish the franchise. I completely appreciate the team continuing the franchise, but it is concerning when you just compare CP and CPI.

Of course I’m going to write strongly about this and possibly “bash” the game – no-one is happy to see the game we all know and love go. These are just some more short but more negative thoughts. I strongly support CPI and I will fulfil the team’s wishes of playing that.


I now am going to go and spend my last few hours on Club Penguin and you can follow along with a post which I will be releasing soon.

Waddle on,

-Torres 126

Thank you Club Penguin – #WaddleOn

To the Club Penguin staff members both former and current – all of those around the world, no matter if you were/are in Support, an engineer, an artist, a manager or a co-founder:

There are a matter of hours until Club Penguin ends but many people have argued that the last eighteen years worth of work has gone to waste…I wanted to prove this wrong. Club Penguin has made a difference in the world and progressing to a new island won’t change it:

Club Penguin means something to people. It’s made people’s lives better and I want to focus on that. So thank you, thank you for making the world a better place. I assembled some thoughts from the Twitter community and after 4 hours, this is what I came up with:

And it gets bigger than just personal reasons, from helping people. After all, the 2nd of the 3 rules a potential buyer would have to accept in 2007 was that 10% of profits had to be donated to charity…and when you have over 300 million registered accounts, that 10% makes a huge difference to animals and people.

All we, as a community, would like to say is thank you. Using words makes it hard to describe the massive impact this game has made. This post isn’t scheduled and the reality of the game closing has really made me appreciate how much of a difference it has made personally and internationally. The game that has been out for 11 years may be ending in a few hours but the difference it has made will not. Please keep making the world a better place!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126