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Some Random CP Island Thoughts…

Today an undeniably, no matter how controversial, significant member and blogger of Club Penguin has left the community: Riyita, the owner of Club PEnguin Space. I would first like to say that it is a real shame to see Riyita leave but due to this, many people have been questioning the future of our Island.

Club Penguin Island is amazing, it has so much potential (read more) but it won’t replace Club Penguin. There’s just something about the game that makes it so different to the classic version, something that can’t be pointed simply on the restriction of non-members.

If browser gaming is really dead, explain how private servers are thriving. Every wrong decision made can be brought back to the team, under leadership from Spike Hike, deciding to go down the mobile-only route. In 2014/5-ish when they started going heavily down this route, the game was still successful. But then it started going downhill.

The problem with CPI compared to classic CP is that they’re focusing too much on stuff inside the game when they should be focusing on stuff outside of it. It’s awesome to be able to customise your clothing to make it however you like – but where are the armies and pookies?

We’ve seen more players create social media accounts, but not nearly as many as those who left but promised to return when “Project Super Secret” was revealed, only for that to disappoint many. Why are the same blogs still going with the addition of only a handful more? Read more.

Classic Club Penguin just had that special feel to it that’s hard to explain in words. I can see why CP Rewritten is so successful because of it, they’ve successfully captured that feel, something which CPI hasn’t done. Club Penguin Island needs to be more than just another game – a good a game as it is.

Club Penguin’s value is indeed in the community and more of that needs to be invested into CP Island. I mean, it’s great the team are now interacting on Twitter. Eventually I hope to see the team responding on YouTube videos, blogs, and going with the giving bloggers minor sneak peeks idea. That’s interaction that should happen, in my opinion.

Like, Club Penguin Rewritten probably has more daily users than CP Island and I can see why. I don’t play it but from the screenshots, it’s because of the community. That’s why Megg has such an important role in the success of the Island. And this post has no structure but something I still wanted to share.

Also, Wikipedia, I love Club Penguin Island so don’t consider this negative, kthxbai. Thanks for reading!

-Torres 126


  • RavenShadow

    Did Riyita really leave? … I think some ppl aren’t giving it a chance. its still new and they are still working on it. yes there is not a lot to do right at the moment, but I enjoy it. And CP use to do be lot of members stuff. (I.E clothes, decorating igloos, the cooler color puffles, etc.) and when I got back on it years later, I saw more stuff for non-members. They had more clothes and you could decorate ur igloo. I think with time they will give players more stuff and nonmembers could get some things. To me ppl were giving it to high of a expectations. An when it wasn’t wat they thought, they were mad. Its sad seeing some of the ppl not giving it a chance.I think the reason some ppl the CP rewritten is becuz they didn’t no what they had until it was gone. I say that cuz I did the same. i played when i was younger, over the years stop becuz i got older and seem to grow out of it. once i heard it was cloing i got bak on. Now i play CPI and i love how they have some stuff. i cant wait for more. srry for the long comment but that’s was i think.

    • Torres 126

      Yes, Riyita did leave. I do agree that people aren’t giving it a chance but I don’t think Riyita is one of those people. I’m not sure though. I think people do play CP Rewritten because of that very reason. I myself agree about the update thing too, I can’t wait for every update and that’s something that hasn’t happened on CP for me for a few years! And thanks for the comment, I appreciate it! 🙂

  • Yehaw

    The first blog I ever met and I went daily was Club Penguin Space. Met it like in 2015/2016. (Btw I joined CP in 2014 but really I did not miss much history of it since it all came up at that moment)

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