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Club Penguin Island Megg Meet-Up: 05/05/17

Earlier on Friday, there was a Megg Meet-Up on Club Penguin Island, which lasted half an hour, along with an after-party with popular YouTuber Sqaishey that lasted for even longer! Here are some highlights through pictures of the event!

What: Megg Meet-Up
Where: Hockey and Alpline
When: 5th May 2017, 12:00PM PST – 15:00 PST
Who: Megg, Partysaurus, Mut77

The event was awesome and though I was unable to attend the 4PM PST one, I can’t wait for the next Megg Meet-up! At the event, we raced on both land and sea, asked questions, ate pizza and generally just had lots of fun.

Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Yehaw

    Cool VERY AWESOME glitch! My membership expired May 5, 2017 and I did not cancel before! I canceled that day before it renews and I did it! But look, I am support to have no membership, but instead, FREE MEMBERSHIP! WOO! WOO! My mom has the same money so it didn’t charge us. And my settings says it renews May 5, 2017 so this is weird, but COOL!

  • Yehaw

    I’m very disappointed, when I was gonna level up rockhopper i expected cool stuff, but instead I got NOTHING! And when I saw my profile I was Max level of rockhopper. When you go to Max Level do you get nothing?

  • Yehaw

    Funny story, I was gonna go to max level and I said YASS! But today I couldn’t, ONE MORE CHALLANGE! And when I saw, I had ONE MORE CHALLANGE OF ROCKHOPPER! YASS! LEVEL UP!

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