CP Island: Team Dance Battle – Island Central

Cadence and a new mini-game will be arriving at the new Island Central area on the 1.7 Club Penguin Island update later next week! The team shared a sneak peek on the new game here. 

In the post, they reveal some small details about the new mini-game, including that up to 10 people can be part of a team and there are two teams. On-screen commands will appear on the screen and you simply have to click the button, similar to Dance Contest!

My only concern is that this might be fairly simple, especially since there are only three buttons. Also, without there being new levels, there isn’t really much incentive for max-level players such as myself to play this mini-game or really the new update at all. I’m still hoping that eventually the team will start to include new levels in every update.

That’s all the information revealed in this post, thank you very much for reading! Be sure to check back for more of the latest news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


CP Island: Voice Acting of Gary, Herbert & Shellbeard

Part two of the Dev Diaries on voice acting has been released, containing Behind-the-Scenes footage of the voice acting of Gary, Herbert and Shellbeard!

Amazingly, these three characters are all played by one person (Todd Haberkorn) yet sounded completely different to me in-game! Here’s the video which was published.

This was a really cool, yet short, video, and I was really interested to hear how the team bring the characters to life! However, I am slightly disappointed that we no longer even get a thumbnail for videos. Overall, this video was quite cool, but maybe not quite worth the wait.

Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

CP Island: Pumpkin Party Supply & Bells Decal

Later this month, Halloween will be arriving on the island and today the team have shared a sneak peek of a party supply on Club Penguin Island in the 1.7 update!

This is the pumpkin which will be a party supply later this month.

Although we don’t know if it’ll be temporary or permanent, I hope that this will be more than just a usual, small action. Perhaps we’ll be able to collect candy and then exchange them for rewards, such as coins or items. It may look familiar to you as it can be seen in this mysterious image!

Along with that, the team also shared a decal which will be obtainable in the 1.8 update in December! It’s a decal of some bells, so it definitely seems related to the Holiday Party! Perhaps something similar will happen then too!

Those are all the Club Penguin Island sneak peeks which were shared today, thank you very much for reading! I’m excited to see what the Halloween/Holiday Party will hold, and be sure to check back for more of the latest news and guides!

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-Torres 126

CP Island: Halloween Area Designs & Island Central Pictures

This logo is not for Club Penguin Island*

This week’s sneak peek contains a whole load of photos on the Halloween Event next month, as well as a massive photo of the Island Central area that we’ve not seen yet!

It confirms he return of the dark and spooky sky, as well as some other decorations, and mascot redesigns. The event starts when the 1.7 update is released, which will likely be in ten days, and will probably be the biggest event so far!

We start with a huge look of Island Central in 1.7, with Franky’s on the right and the mosaic on the left. For the first time, it seems clear that there will be another Disney Store (possibly for furniture) and we get a look at some of these busking stations. Igloos will still be under construction.

There is also water and what appears to be a canal, which to me, is the most beautiful part of this area! The timer suggests some sort of mini-game with this area, and Gary being on the far left does open up the possibility of Gary’s Adventures in the future!

The image above also seems to show some Halloween themed blueprints and some sort of mysterious portal. We do know that non-members will receive an item in this event though! Those were the main things which are new in the Island Central area!

The image above of Beacon Boardwalk demonstrates some more of the spooky designs, but to me, the Full Moon in green looks slightly weirder than the one on classic Club Penguin? I love the Jack’o Lanterns though and I think they’re a great way to bring light to the island! The Migrator also looks spooky, and Rockhopper’s vampire redesign does look awesome!

The last picture shows Mt. Blizzard’s climbing wall illuminated, as well as the spooky shadows and the sky in the background! Once again, I don’t really like the shade of the sky and it seems like there’s water, except the colour has been changed, but I do appreciate the effort to bring back the dark sky!

Overall, this event seems to have succeeded my expectations! The next question is how long will this event last for, but I’m just really excited to see the Halloween Party and Island Central area in-game. Be sure to check back for more of the latest news and guides, thank you for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

CP Island: All-Access Event Begins

Free membership is now available for everyone on Club Penguin Island, exclusive to this weekend only until 11:59PM (PST) on October 8th! Yay, free membership!

As a celebration for this event, the team have released a video, and when non-members log-on, they will receive a chest with the key! It isn’t an item and members aren’t missing out on anything. The team shared this to advertise some of the features which are now unlocked for everyone!

I’m really glad to see the team hosting these events and I also hope that non-members will enjoy the additional features they get this weekend! The island is a lot more fun with membership, so I’m glad players are truly being given the opportunity to play without having to enter a credit card or something along those lines.

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Island news and guides! Waddle on!

-Torres 126

CP Island: Halloween Mascot Redesigns

Once the 1.7 update comes out, mascots will be receiving a Halloween redesign for the whole of October on Club Penguin Island!

Some mascots look like faeries, others like werewolves, but Joe posted a whole collection of the redesigns on the blog! The change will be permanent for the whole of the month and the redesign will also be noticeable in adventures! You can read the official post here. 

These designs look rather…interesting and scary! I really love the creativity of how Rookie is a werewolf, Aunt Arctic a witch and Rockhopper a vampire. They look awesome! I’m really hoping that there is a lot planned for this Halloween event, especially with a night sky.

With these redesigns, maybe we will be getting a special Halloween adventure featuring some of these mascots? Only time will tell! Be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Island 1.7 news. Thank you for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

Club Penguin Island: Halloween Emojis

Halloween is approaching soon and as such, the team have posted a picture of a little spooky-themed costume on social media! This is the first of multiple costumes to come.

You may notice though that around the border, there are four emojis. These are almost certainly going to be coming to the game soon. I assume that they will be a reward for the Halloween Event later this month!

The emojis we can see are the:

  • Candy Emoji
  • Pumpkin Emoji
  • Skeleton/Ghost Emoji

I find it highly likely that these are emojis coming in-game, but the team also did hint at the idea on Twitter saying it sounds like something they would do, so I’m pretty certain these will be available soon!

I’m really excited for the Halloween events this month! Be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Island news and guides. Thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

CP Island: Igloo Window Sneak Peek

The team have shared a little sneak peek with us showing how light will shine through our igloos – with windows! Though we don’t have many details, we did get a picture as part of the campaign against bullying. Here’s what was posted, but you can view the official post here

Although we did get similar windows on classic Club Penguin, they were never as realistic as these! I’m hoping we will be able to modify what we can we in the window, but we will have to wait and find out. It does seem that the team are making a lot of progress on Igloos before they are released in November/December. 

 I’m glad to see more sneak peeks! Be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Island news! Thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126 

CP Island: Bullying Prevention Pack Available

Happy October, everyone!

This month is Bullying Prevention Month and as such, the team have given us three emojis to encourage the prevention of bullying! Once you log on, you will receive the:

  • Orange Heart emoji
  • Speaker Emoji
  • Emoji of two happy penguins

The Stage at Coconut Cove also received a new redesign, with balloons and encouraging the prevention of bullying! I’d like to give a thank you to Azu51 for telling me of this!

It’s cool to see the team trying to help prevent these major issues of bullying and there are also special Unity Daily Challenges today to bring the community together. Be sure to log on soon to claim these rewards! Thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

CP Island: Artwork For Island Central Sneak Peek

A new Club Penguin Island post has been published, containing this weeks sneak peek on Island Central. Specifically, the artwork for the new area coming next month and how the team plan for it to be “brought to life”!

The first thing that was shared was the new mural. It represents community unity, and it will be released in the same month as the Unity Day and Bully Prevention Month! In it are four penguins all having a joyful time on the island!

“No matter what threatens the island, the community will stand together.”

I do feel that an opportunity was missed to hold a competition to be featured here, but the idea and meaning of the image on the wall is quite special and I’m pleased for it to be added to Club Penguin Island!

The other addition that represents the community is the “Friendship Mosaic”, which may look familiar to you! It was present at the Waddle on Party on classic Club Penguin as a mosaic as well as a pin, and I also did a few giveaways for a badge of the image!

“A celebration of the penguin community’s kindness and acceptance”

Along with some screenshots of in-game content, we also got some “concept” art of the new collectibiles that will be present on the island. This first one is the Flour Flower, containing an important ingredient for Franky’s Pizza!

The next collectible is the Wind Chime, which will float through the air in the new area. They look really neat, and it’s interesting to see a new method for obtaining collectibiles. Both of these will be exchangeable for coins at the Exchange in Beacon Boardwalk.

The final sneak peek is a “busking station”. These will be scattered around the Island Central area and members will be able to play the Spruce Guitar, Tambourine and the Bongos!

Whilst those are all the images posted this week, I was a little curious to try and bring the new area to life myself! I’ve compiled a single photo of what the area could look like, having used all of the sneak peeks that have been posted so far! Here’s an unblurred version and the area is looking really nice so far! It’s slightly disappointing though that even after a long wait for this, a lot of the area will not be available to explore at release.

That’s all for this week’s sneak peek, a new one will be released next week! If you’re looking for more sneak peeks and other leaks on the new Island Central area, click here! Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126