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Club Penguin Island: Waddle on Party

This post is regarding Club Penguin Island

Club Penguin Island’s final party has begun, ahead of the game’s shutdown on December 20th, and it’s a really well-done party. I know that I don’t really blog about CP Island anymore, but this is going to be the last chance to write a guide for an official party after five years, so feel free to skip this if you wish.

When you log into the game, you’ll be given a 13th Anniversary Hat (which has a blue and yellow colour scheme), the iconic toot emoji, which also makes a noise, and also 1,000,000 coins! You’ll also get free membership!

As part of the quest, you’ll need to meet different mascots across Island Central. You only need to go up to Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper, Rookie, Gary and Cadence, but there’s plenty of mascots (including Shellbeard!) who will give you a nice little message.

The quest isn’t too unpredictable or difficult, but it’s a really nice addition. My favourite part was the ending though, which goes on to give a story about such an exciting future which was planned for the island, from Sensei to puffles.

It’s upsetting it’ll never happen, but it features some beautiful artwork and looks incredible.

You’ll then see the final credits: a list of the dozens and dozens of names who helped in their own way shape Club Penguin Island.

Also, at Island Central (near Franky’s on the far right), you’ll find a new Club Penguin arcade. These allows you to play mini-games from a few years ago, and wow, aren’t some of these really nostalgic? I still remember being so hyped for Jetpack Boost when it released a few years ago!

Lastly, Club Penguin Island won’t be going completely. After December 20th, though the servers will be down, there’ll still be an offline mode so we can explore the island, there just sadly won’t be any new content. There’s also likely going to be another special feature, which has been leaked, but the details aren’t confirmed, so I’m not too sure how much of it is true. So far, it seems amazing though.

Club Penguin Island was a special game, it had it flaws, but it was a beautiful island run by the most caring team. I’d like to really thank everyone who worked on it for their contribution, and I also wish them the best of luck.

Waddle on,

-Torres 126


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