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Disney’s Interference with Club Penguin Rewritten

With an adult’s permission, please do sign the petition to help try and save CP Rewritten!

It’s a shame. I was hoping to not have to make this post for a while and that I could focus rather on a celebratory one. Unfortunately. I was wrong. Disney is likely trying to take down Club Penguin Rewritten, which has caused anger to many players in the community.

In this post, I’ll be summarising what’s actually been happening and my strong opinions on it and why it benefits absolutely no-one. You may love it, you may hate it, throw that out the window. These are the facts.

Earlier today, Disney filed a domain claim in an attempt to take the Rewritten to domain. It is important to note that this could be a fake Disney (people have impersonated them to perform such actions in the past) yet the vast majority of the community think it is likely real. For the purpose of this post, the assumption is that this was a real email from Disney themselves.

Theoretically, this means that the game itself is not being taken down, or so we can assume at the moment. However, Codey (one of the two administrators of the game) is not planning to make such changes. This is not the first time this has been said though and as we’ve seen before, things can sometimes work out.

However, every other staff member is willing to “put up a fight” (as said by stu) and it is almost certain that the team will do so to help, essentially, save and protect the huge community which has been built around this game. This is all the information we know so far, yet more will be revealed to us as time goes on. That concludes the information so far!

I struggle to support Club Penguin Island if they follow through with the takedown of Club Penguin Rewritten. It doesn’t surprise me that a big co-operation like Disney will quite literally use legal action on a group of teenagers and other young adults who at one point, were barely able to maintain the upkeep of such expensive servers.

Disney are trying to destroy a community to better themselves after they made a huge mistake. That’s the difficult reality which I struggle to understand with, yet it is true. Would this really happen had they have gone down the mobile-only/CPI route? Of course not.

Screenhog was the original artist for Club Penguin

Take a minute to look at all of the people so angry about the actions of Disney so far, myself and hundreds of others. Consider how Club Penguin Island has advertising varying from TV to billboards in New York. And yet they’re still insistent that Club Penguin Rewritten is a problem? Let’s just remind ourselves that Club Penguin Island is the one being included in a lawsuit, why don’t they focus on that?

This marks more than just a company who I am honestly on the verge of describing as “corrupt” trying to essentially bully a group of teenagers. It shows that they do not believe in the potential of their game to the point that rather than focusing on that, they have to spend time trying to destroy other websites which I refuse to even label as “competitors”. If they had something brilliant planned, it would not be necessary to do so.

I love Club Penguin Island too – don’t get me wrong – but this completely changes everything. Look at the reactions, they made a rather unwise decision and from the vast majority of people, they seem to be paying the price. It benefits nobody to anger and destroy a community who will *not* in return turn to a game which took away what they enjoyed.

This decision disappoints and frustrates me. It benefits nobody and proves to people including myself that Club Penguin Island might not be what we hoped. I’m not happy with that whatsoever, which is why I’ve written this post.

I wish the best of luck to the Club Penguin Rewritten team and thank them for all they’re doing against Disney’s proposals. Thank you for reading.

-Torres 126


  • Skate aka the boi Yehaw

    If Disney did not take down CPR times ago, why would they do it now? There is more of this and in my personal thoughts I think Disney is jealous CPI has become empty and a faker (no offense, CPR. I still prefer you than CPI) is taking their people.

    • Torres 126

      I believe that they did try to take down CPR before, but yes, I agree. I also think that Disney is just jealous of CPI. Realistically, if CPR wasn’t as big and large as it was now, there would be no reason for Disney to intervene.

  • Skate aka the boi Yehaw

    You should put the header “Club Penguin Mountains” and below “Save Club Penguin Rewritten” and instead of rockhopper put two black Penguins with red or yellow Viking helmets and in the left-up corner put Disney in a “red circle with a red line crossing in one side to the other” icon. If it’s too complicated I can make one for you 🙂

  • Perrythepal

    Heh, I remember when you said you were against CPR and wanted to support the official franchise. Now you’re against Disney for protecting their property against a popular remake of the original that’s making them lose money. Go figure.

    Honestly, I don’t mind. CPI has been getting a bit better lately, and CPR hasn’t fixed its huge problems(mainly their large amount of events and updates leading to bugs, and that quality > quantity). Besides, flash is becoming outdated, and the staff appear to have issues when communicating with other players about their problems with their game.

    I would not be that sad if CPR closes. It had a good run, and now would be a good time to end it, as flash is coming to an end, CPI is improving, and CPR has overall been starting to become a mess.

    (This comment wasn’t meant to be an attack towards the staff or anything like that. Just stating the truth…)

    • Torres 126

      Yes, it does make me curious how things do change, I agree. However, making them lose money is debatable. CPI has adverts and a massive company behind its backing – CPR has none of that. Plus it likely offers them the opportunity to do something to change that without using legal action.

      If CPI was indeed getting better (or going to get better – which I originally strongly believed) then there really wouldn’t be a need to take down CPR. And yes, sure, it does have a couple of bugs, but in context, it’s not a massive company and CPI has its own fair share of bugs too. Just today, the Daily Challenges were messed up. As for Flash, that’s not an issue until 2020 and once again, that’s being proved wrong as Disney somehow sees CPR as a threat now, I guess.

      I don’t feel like CPR is becoming a mess, but I don’t see that really. I’m excited for the storm, Halloween, whatever November could be, December and everything else to follow. For those who dislike CPR a bit more now, feel free to turn to CPI. I enjoy it too, and nothing is stopping you from playing it.

      Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂

  • Skate aka the boi Yehaw

    Club penguin closed down. To put some garbage in its place. Disney stole our game, so we made CPR, it’s actually Disney’s fault they lost their money and people. The way to make Disney satisfied and we win at the same time is in making OLD CP AGAIN or let us alone with OUR game. (Btw lets make this a plan: let’s NOT pay and NOT play CPI EVER AGAIN NO MATTER WHAT and let’s say to Disney “Want cash? Give us back cp in the OLD version and the OLD home screen and we’ll give u cash)

    • Torres 126

      That’s the issue – people who played CPR won’t play CPI, and that could result in CPI losing players and money. It’ll simply anger people, such as myself and others I know, who originally previously enjoyed both games. The people who are against Disney’s actions completely outnumbers those support it, so you’re correct. 🙂

    • Endisend

      They closed because Adobe Flash Player will be discontinued soon, mobile is the most profitable platform at the moment, and they were not profiting enough. Do you know why they were not profiting enough? Because the game was a ghost island during the past years, and none of the great fans that we frequently see now were there when the game needed a huge amount of players.

      It is the same good old story every single time when a game like Club Penguin faces its end, “Oh, the evil corporation stole my childhood!”, when said player stopped accessing the game for years and years and only returned because of the closure. But of course, many players like me were there until the end, but sadly, we are the minority. However, obviously, the Staff could have translated the game to HTML5, but this is not free, and Disney, as well as any other company, invests on what is absolutely certain of return, like their movie franchises or theme parks.

      Just one more thing, Club Penguin Rewritten content is straight from 2009+, two years after the purchase of Club Penguin, so “old cp” makes no sense. All of the content is post-Disney, what means the content of the parties you are playing now was made when Disney owned the game. Other: “stole our game” is something wrong to say when New Horizons and RocketSnail literally sold the game to Disney because they wanted. Why do not you blame them for everything that has been happening?

      • Torres 126

        Adobe Flash Player is going to be discontinued in 2020, with competitors such as Animal Jam making clients to avoid the issue of Flash yet maintain their services. The island was indeed a ghost island, but that was due to the lack of new, exciting content. This happened because of development on Club Penguin Island, which absolutely is not certain of return whatsoever. Disney has made multiple mistakes in the past with investing into things.

        Old CP is subjective, of course all content is post-Disney, but that still doesn’t make it “New CP”, which is generally referred to when the art style changed in very late 2012/2013. I’ve not heard the “stole our game” bit except in the context of it referring to Club Penguin Rewritten. But yes, I agree about the childhood thing.

        Thank you very much for reading and commenting! 🙂

  • Skate aka the boi Yehaw

    Hey dude, CPR made some ads, that say Club Penguin Rewritten needs your help! It’s cool to see CPR having ads! I took a pic at on and hopefully il share it soon!

    • Skate aka the boi Yehaw

      Hey Torres, I need help with something. Your reward will be Forever-Subscribtion in my game! I need you to help me come up with a name for my game and hopefully a penguin design that’s close to Penguin Chat/Experimental Penguins but not that someone one can say they copied CP. Can you help me? Thanks.

  • greengirl816

    I find it odd that Disney is suing over a domain name versus copyright over assets… if Disney was so inclined to prevent ppl from specifically having a domain with “club penguin” in it (if that’s what’s happening), wouldn’t they buy it out or something? and by that logic, wouldn’t Disney sue bloggers/unaffiliated websites as well?

    • Torres 126

      Yeah, so, you’re sort of right. Though Disney aren’t suing CPR (it’s just a domain name claim), I believe that they can’t DMCA the game, which would be over assets. I’m not entirely certain of this though. However, if they did DMCA the game, yes, then CP Rewritten would definitely close.

      So no, I don’t think they have to buy the domain. Those who they don’t want with it, like CPR, all they need to do is work some legal magic. It’s how they got the domain too. As for bloggers, well, if Disney came after this blog, I don’t think there would be much I could do, but it feels like a rather unwise move to do that. Blogs run alongside the game, so I don’t really think they’re a threat.

      Thank you! 🙂

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