Club Penguin Island Puffles to Come Late 2017 or 2018

Megg has informed us that puffles will be making their way to Club Penguin Island “either later this year or early next”. Madzom8ie has kindly allowed me to share an image of her revealing the news.

The wait is quite a lot longer than many expected but puffles are one of the biggest parts of the game so I think they really want to make them perfect! This is pretty much all we’ve heard, though it is rumoured that they will be “fluffy”.

This is a pretty big announcement so a huge thank you to Madzom8ie for this! Be sure to check back for the latest news and guides.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


14 thoughts on “Club Penguin Island Puffles to Come Late 2017 or 2018

  1. YAY! I cant wait for puffles. I would love to see how they are goin to have them interact and wat we will be able to do with them. I also cant wait to see wat type of puffles we will have. I for one would love to raise it from a egg. it will be something different and then u have more to do.

    • Me too, puffles are going to be awesome! Yeah, I kinda like that idea to be honest! If it’s going to take such a long time, I’m sure they’re planning something major with them! 🙂

  2. TORRES! IM EDITING THE LAST DAY OF CP CURRENTLY! Btw your a big part of my video! every few minutes your blog appears there! and Danar, He was in none of my recordings but he was in a few screen shots so i will put him in!

    • I think I’ll know how they’ll be too, presuming they don’t change the overall look and personality of them. Hopefully there are no changes to that. But sure, I’d love to see your sketch!

      • It’s more like a concept sketch because it may not be alike to the new puffles, but ok! It draw the sketch then 🙂 (Btw the Last day of CP video is like 2 hours and 10-30 minutes 🙂
        And in my video YOU are one of the main people!

  3. LOL you typed Madzom8ie as “her” instead of “him” in your sentence: Madzom8ie has kindly allowed me of her revealing the news” (2 minutes later…) Ohhh! “Her” is Megg, not him! LOLOL

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