Idea: Redesign the Forest

Hey everyone,

Today I am going to present a popular idea of replacing the current design of the Forest with a new one. I have found two possible designs which I really like. This is currently the design of the Forest that has been around since January 2014.


My first option is a room that appeared (and made in appearance in this years) Puffle Party. This room replacement was actually asked for by Happyblue128 as well as a large portion of players. It looks like this.


My next idea for the room is quite controversial because I have taken it from a Club Penguin Private Server known as Flippr. Technically, Club Penguin have every right to use it but is it okay for Club Penguin to use something from a CPPS? The room also includes the former recycling plant, and it would be extremely awesome if this was to make a return along with this room. It looks like this.


Do you like these rooms? Well, I am slightly curious so I have decided to add a poll to this post! Make sure to vote because, hopefully, though unlikely, Megg or any other Club Penguin worker might be reading this!

Waddle on!



4 thoughts on “Idea: Redesign the Forest

  1. no but move the plant back to the mine and move the school to the skatepark

    ps: i joined april 6 2011 and when i found out the plant was gone i literally cried for 2 hours

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