Discussion: What Disney Mix Means for Club Penguin

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Recently Spike Hike made a post on the Club Penguin blog hinting a new app that is intended to release with #ProjectSuperSecret. He also said something interesting that #ProjectSuperSecret which is how only a part of it will be Club Penguin related. Today, I’m going to be explaining theories on how this will affect Club Penguin.

Numerous people commented on the blog post saying that the app was called “Mix Social” even though the name wasn’t mentioned in the post. Since so many people commented saying it is, I thought that would be true. However, it was confirmed that the app is called “Disney Mix” as it is currently available to download in Australasia and New Zealand.  

Mix Social

I believe that this app will be a social media like version except it’ll be targeted at a younger audience (which is why I marked the app as PEGI 7). Lots of companies are doing this. Nintendo already have a program planned and I think that this is Disney adding to the market. I also expect that there will be lots of adverts to Club Penguin and maybe even a chance to play some Club Penguin mini-games inside the app. Since I don’t live in Australia, I am unable to confirm whether or not this has happened however I have seen a few videos of the app. The app already has Club Penguin themed stickers. 

So, what does this mean to Club Penguin? Well, firstly, I think that this is an alternative to private chat. Take a look at this tweet Spike Hike made years ago.

Could this be the “great social thing” that Spike Hike mentioned? It seems likely in my opinion. Judging from this tweet, I expect that Mix Social will be very limited and that Disney would want to keep users safe and in a family-friendly environment. Also, what will you and won’t you be allowed to say? This brings me onto my second point related to Club Penguin.

Currently, a lot of perfectly decent words are filtered which makes it really difficult to class Club Penguin as a “social game”. If Disney have planned a social app, does this suggest that the chat filter will be eased on the game? I am pretty sure that this “Disney Mix” app will be a total failure if it runs on the same filter which Club Penguin has which suggests that maybe (hopefully) the filter will be eased.

Depending on how popular Disney Mix gets, a large audience could join Club Penguin. However, keep in mind how I mentioned several other companies are planning social media apps for kids. Currently, the majority of Disney Mix users would most likely have signed up from the blog post that Spike Hike made as the app is still in beta-testing. Even after doing some Google research, it was difficult to find information on this app which is surprising. I mean, it’s Disney who created this app so I expect it to get popular.

I wonder how long we’ll need to wait until everyone can test it. Could it be at the end of #ProjectSuperSecret? If this is already out for beta-testing, this suggests that #ProjectSuperSecret might be out soon! 

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