Fact Friday #1: Blizzard

Hi everyone,

So today, I’m announcing a new series called “Fact Friday”. This series where..well…facts are posted every Friday. I just want to make clear that this series will not affect the schedule. This means that two posts could be out on the same day, though facts are more likely to be no longer than 300 words long. Today’s fact is about the server called Blizzard.


We all probably know about this server. It’s one of the most popular around and is generally full most of the time! However, many years ago, this server was almost inaccessible. By this, I mean that no one could enter it regardless if you had a membership or not. I believe that this was a bug. Whenever you clicked it, your loading screen would stay on for an infinite amount of time, however some people claim that it really was a working server though it was just really hard to get on since it was so popular.

A while later, it was fixed. However the popularity still boomed on this server. I referred to it as a “Member Sever”. When you get a membership, all servers have one less bar for you than non-members. This pretty much meant you couldn’t access this server without a membership.

Today, Blizzard is both a member and non-member server which is actually quite alarming. It shows you how the popularity throughout the island has decreased by a large number.

I hope you learnt something new today! I intend to release one every week!

Waddle on!


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