Exclusive #ProjectSuperSecret Sneak Peek: Weekly TV Shows

Hey everyone,

You may remember how I recently posted about a list that Club Penguin is compiling to give sneak peeks and information about #ProjectSuperSecret to bloggers (click here to view the post). Well, I am proud to say that the team have provided us with a major sneak peek for #ProjectSuperSecret!

You’ve probably heard or seen some of the Club Penguin TV Specials. These are animated clips, and are pretty cool yet they usually take a while to make. With #ProjectSuperSecret, Club Penguin intend to make weekly shows! They hope that the shows will eventually make its way worldwide, but for launch it will only be aired in Europe, America and Australia on Disney XD. 

However, the great thing is the plot! Club Penguin have told me what each episode is going to be about. It will feature Herbert doing some sneaky plan, and the Elite Penguin Force agents trying to stop him! The TV show won’t be related to the game, so we won’t be doing those missions online.

They have also provided me an image with a scene from one of the first few episodes. 

#ProjectSuperSecret Image

This is a reason for why #ProjectSuperSecret is taking so long. They want to have a full season created. Although I don’t know how many episodes are in a season, I expect it’s a lot! 

I must admit, this looks like a really cool addition to the world of Club Penguin! 

Only one problem, I doubt it’s happening. Happy April Fools Day!


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