Discussion: Automatic Trackers

Hey everyone,

You may well know that I got banned forever by using an item adder. However today I am going to ask the question: are trackers cheating? By trackers, I don’t mean trackers where a user manually updates it. I believe that that is okay. I am talking about automatic trackers which have a certain guarantee of finding a mascot.

The reason I am posting this is after I saw a conversation about Penguin Lodge, a Club Penguin cheating program. DJStoresssss said this to when someone asked if visiting Penguin Lodge is classed as cheating or hacking.

“If you use their adders or/and support them then yes.”

Technically, even visiting a cheat site supports them. The more views they gain, the higher up they’ll go on Google searches giving an opportunity for more users to use them. I go on Penguin Lodge everyday, but not for the adders or trackers. I go on the chat, but does that make me a cheater? No! At least, I think not, so I would have to disagree with DJStoresssss. 


Moving on. Firstly, Club Penguin can’t ban you for using a tracker. Since you don’t need to insert a username, there’s no possible way of blaming you. They can’t ban you for speaking English on a French server, right?

But technically, you are using a website to get an unfair advantage in the game. Cheating is acting dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage. So does this mean that Club Penguin should ban you for it? Well, a widely known cheating program called CPCheats.co has automatic trackers for all mascots! I asked the owner of CP Cheats, Penian4, what he thought of the issue.

Torres126: Do you think that automatic trackers should be classed as cheating on Club Penguin?

Penian4: If someone uses an automatic tracker to find a mascot, I don’t think it should be considered to be cheating.

Torres126: Why?

Penian4: Because it’s only information provided to them, it’s not manipulating the game in any way. Also, it can’t be proved that they used a tracker to find a mascot. 

I personally agree with Penian4, though it is a program. It would be really unfair if Club Penguin banned people without solid evidence, though they already have with me…

But in all honesty, would it really matter if trackers stopped working? There are dozens of meet up times posted on the blog. Hopefully, I haven’t encouraged you to cheat though!

Waddle on!


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