Idea: Choosing Our Ideas

Hey everyone,

When you submit an idea to the Club Penguin team, they always say that they’ll “pass it on”. However, most of the time that idea will never get implemented. Today I propose an idea that will change the future of ideas…

What I suggest is that every month, Club Penguin on the blog hosts a poll for their favourite four (maybe more) ideas. Which ever one gets the most votes, that idea will be implemented. 

Blog post

This idea will make the community feel that Club Penguin listens them to more. It would also really help improve the game because it’s adding the players’ ideas. This is an example of how the post could look, except I don’t think I’d be lucky enough to have four ideas of mine featured in one post…

I’ve made a lot of ideas, and with this method there’s a chance that they could be implemented. What do you think? Comment below!

Waddle on!



3 thoughts on “Idea: Choosing Our Ideas

  1. It would be awesome if the Club Penguin team actually added a way to toggle alien abductions. Those abductions can be pretty exciting for the ones who haven’t got abducted yet but it gets annoying to the ones who have. How about this instead, let the aliens abduct you but stop changing your head items into tinfoil hats. I feel sorry for the non-member players who were trying to keep their member items but they get their head items changed into something they don’t want.

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