Merchandise Memorial: Puffle Plushies

Hey everyone,

It’s been over a month since I last showcased some of my Club Penguin merchandise! Today I’m going to be sharing with you some of my pet puffles, but the ones that you could once buy in stores.

Along with the mix n’ match figures, these are my favourite toys. They were highly collectable with numerous versions of each puffle. Unfortunately, they are extremely hard to find and no new plushes have been created for any puffles after (and including) the Rainbow Puffle.

This is my collection of puffles that I have now! I’ve had more in the past, but I’ve also lost quite a few. Anyway, this as in image of my current puffles taken in my bedroom. 


However, that’s just my bedroom. I also have an image from a couple of years ago of my puffles underneath Sydney Harbour Bridge. I did submit this in to Club Penguin, but it never got featured on their website. Seriously, isn’t it better than a picture of a penguin on sand?


Unfortunately, only the purple and green puffle are alive. Anyway, I really do hope that puffle plushes return! They would probably make Club Penguin a fortune.

Waddle on!



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