Exclusive Discussion: Change of Files – #ProjectSuperSecret Nearing?

Hey everyone,

I say with good confidence that #ProjectSuperSecret is nearing! Today I was making a graphic, just like usual, but to my shock, the links of images on the site has changed. This is how the file of Club Penguin playercards used to look like. Notice the link that says “http://cdn.avatar.clubpenguin.com/”.


This has been that way for as long as I can remember. However, that has now changed. Take a look at the same line of code that has now been replaced to “Paperdoll”. 

change of files

What possible reason would Club Penguin make this change for? It may be something minor, but as this has never happened before, I believe that this might just hint #ProjectSuperSecret releasing soon. Otherwise, why would they change it? 

We already have a seven week party coming up (which is ridiculous) and is that just a party to give the team enough time to touch up on #ProjectSuperSecret? I think so, which leads me to think that the project will be releasing this summer (northern hemisphere).

 Waddle on!


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