Code Contest #5 Results

Hey everyone,

After a fairly long wait, it’s time to reveal the results of the fifth code contest! There were six entries and three judges. Here’s a quick reminder about what the contest was.

giveaway 4

Three judges contributed to the decision of the winner. They are:

  • Me
  • Dino Boy7
  • My dad

The reason I chose my dad was so that you had to explain why you wanted to change something as he doesn’t know much about Club Penguin though he’s probably reading this. I had a great time choosing which entry was best. Here are the people who entered:

  • Madzom8ie
  • eloininja15 (Entry was disqualified as you are banned from contests)
  • Pingping4069
  • Nice Pie1
  • Yesil Z
  • Cpthebestcp

You will get to see some of the entries pretty soon as the people who entered have come up with some really good ideas that I will probably post about! Just for some feedback, try avoid talking about what’s been posted on Club Penguin Mountains. I want to know what you have to say, not what I have to say. Also, don’t make your entry six words…

However, now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the results!

5. Yesil Z
4. Nice Pie1
3. Madzom8ie
2. Cpthebestcp
1. Pingping4069

Congratulations Pingping4069! You will receive your code within 24 hours of this post being published! Thank you everyone for entering! Don’t forget that there will still be loads of upcoming contests!

Waddle on!




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