Save Torres 126 & A Mega Giveaway


Torres 126 has been captured. It is our duty to find him. Starting on the 20th of September, we’re going to have to look for him. The EPF has a number of leads which we are using to try and find him. Each time you complete a task/mission, you will get a password. Enter this password to get another code and to claim a Card-Jitsu code/Treasure Book code/possibly a membership code or an item code. Our first lead is the survey which Torres 126 created a few weeks ago. Gary believes that by filling it out, we could find the first password.  

Note: If the survey below is too difficult to see, please click here. 

It is essential that Torres 126 is found so that more posts can be made. These are the rules of this contest.


Remember, only fifteen people so far are part of this contest, and there might be more than fifteen rewards. Make sure you take part, agent!

Be alert and be safe,

The Director

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