Games Competition: Sign up Now! (With Prizes)

Hey everyone,

I’m sure a lot of you (including me) are off school for a week, so I think that now is a perfect time to host a games competition! There will be two game competitions, on two different days and I’m hoping to see you there! Read on for details on how it will work and how to sign up!




How it works:

Find Four

The Find Four tournament is very simple. Eight people can take part (unless at least sixteen people want to take part, which is unlikely) and it will take place at the Attic on the server Marshmallow. It will be a knock-out system which will be randomly decided. To give you an example, here’s how the tournament will be laid out. The numbers will be the people who choose to sign up.


As only seven matches will take place, the tournament should only last about ten minutes and matches will be played at the same time. This might seem complicated, but it’ll make sense on the day! The winner will get 4 Card-Jitsu codes. 

To sign up, please either email or tweet @CPMountains. Your penguin must be a member to participate, or it must be at least 365 days old. If you’re not a member, please comment on a post on the What’s New Blog and send a link to me. Thank you.

Hide and Seek Tournament

There is no limit to how many people can attend this tournament! Here is how it will work. Two penguins (Torres 1260 and Laval 126) will be hidden throughout the island. From 13:00 PST to 13:10 PST, you will need to find them and send a postcard. At 13:10 PST, they will move to another room and will hide there until 13:20 PST, at which point they will log off.

For every postcard you successfully send to these two penguins, you will get one point. Whoever has the most points, wins! Your prize will be 3 Card-Jitsu codes! I will send the code straight away if I know how to contact you, but if I can’t do that, please just send me an email.

I really hope to see you there!

Waddle on!



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