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Even More Details on Beta Testing

Honestly, this beta testing thing should become a series. Yes, I am officially past the point of annoyed. Two new pieces of information regarding Club Penguin Island information has been discovered. The first one is that even players who don’t live in the United States or Canada are getting the option to beta test Club Penguin Island.

It’s one thing to hold a closed beta limited to a selected number of players, but it’s something else to favour players who aren’t even in Northern America. I’m just disappointed in the team. Am I jealous? Absolutely. Aren’t we all.

However, I’d also like to share this image by Madzom8ie. It turns out that not everyone who gets an email will get the opportunity to beta test the game.

This confirms my original suspicions that not everyone who gets an email will be able to beta test the game. I guess those who have already got the email are much more likely to beta test it, but I mean come on Club Penguin. We’ve all waited three years so hopefully we won’t need to wait too long!

Update: It turns out that beta testing has begun and only 2000 penguins will be selected.

-Torres 126

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