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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 17/12/16

It’s the 17th of December and that means something awesome! The new daily challenges are out for Club Penguin Island! In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing how to complete all of the ones that are available for non-members. There are three of these. Let’s take a look at them!


Exchange Student:

This challenge is very simple! All you need to do is head over to the Welcome Plaza and go to the place where you can trade in items for coins. This is right behind Aunt Arctic! Waddle over and click the “!” button at the bottom right of your screen.


Thirsty Jack’s Riddle:

This challenge is much more complicated, particularly if you are a non-member. It took me a while to do and I really needed some help with my friends! If you are a non-member, it will require a member to help you. A member must buy some hot coca at a Party Supplies vendor!

Firstly, head over to “Coconut Cove” and then go into the “Sea Caves”. Dive right in! You’ll need to get to the Throne Room entrance. To do this, keep going down. It will be on your right. You should end up here.


Go through the arches until you find one which has been knocked down. It should be the second or the third arch. Ask the member to share some of the coca which he bought earlier! In this case, Mystical Pie was kind to share some for us non-members! If you are a member, you can just go down to the next step.


Once you’ve got the coca, a drinking button will appear in orange. Don’t drink it yet! Rather go down to the arch which has fallen and drink it there, like I did. You will instantly get your challenge completed and you will be able to claim your reward.


Confetti Farmers:

For this challenge, you need to harvest 1000 confetti flowers in the Beacon Boardwalk. That might seem like a lot, however it’s a community challenge so everyone can help you!


Confetti flowers are the blue ones which are to the left of my penguin in the screenshot above. When you’re there, simply click the orange “!” and that flower is harvested! There are a few plotted around the Boardwalk so make sure you ask other penguins for help!

Cannonball Fun:

This is a member only daily quest so unfortunately I’m unable to provide screenshots as I’ve not done it myself. All you need to do though is fire yourself from the cannons in Beacon Boardwalk. There are two of them.

How did you find these Daily Quests? I like how there is a variety in the difficulty of them. I had to ask for a lot of help to complete the second challenge! Overall, I think that these are an essential and an amazing addition to Club Penguin Island!

Waddle on!


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