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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 18/12/16

Four more Daily Challenges have arrived for us to complete on Club Penguin Island! In this post, I’m going to be showing you how to complete all four of them now that I have membership. It’s sometimes difficult to explain a location so always remember to take a look at the image attached to that challenge! Let’s first take a look at them!



This challenge is very simple. Head over to the west of Beacon Boardwalk and go up to the food place. Click the orange “!” button to sit down on this bench. Then simply just say something. It doesn’t matter what as you’ll still be able to claim your reward!


Jackhammer Time:

This is a member only Daily Challenge which is also quite simple to complete. In Beacon Boardwalk, you need to go left of the Welcome Plaza. Instead of going fishing which is turning left, go right. It’s near the Designer stores and it’s right next to the ramp taking you up there. Click the orange “!” mark. Then simply click the buttons to drill when you are on the stone steps.


Sharp Incline:

Go to Coconut Cove and go to the campfire there. Keep waddling up until you will reach the Shark’s Teeth. It may take a few attempts but waddle up there to the top to claim you’re achievement. If you keep falling off, maybe add the person who’s already up there as a friend and then server jump to him.


Sli-ced Cheese:

If you are a member, you will need to buy “stinky cheese” from any party supplies market. Then enter Beacon Boardwalk and head towards the Migrator. Just before you go on the Migrator, where the ramp is, go left and jump onto the ice. Make your way to the top one and with 4 other penguins, consume your cheese!


I’m not sure how non-members could complete this challenge. Members who are level 5 (which is the vast minority of players) can gift Stinky Cheese to non-members so ask one of them. It might work that you could just stand on the ice with five other members who are eating cheese, however I can’t tell you for certain that this method would work.

The Daily Challenges today were pretty cool but yesterday’s riddle was extremely difficult! I’m hoping that we see more riddles like that soon as I completed these set of challenges pretty quickly.

Waddle on!


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