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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 21/12/16

The new Daily Challenges are out on Club Penguin Island! Once again, they are unfortunately not that difficult and I’m still really disappointed to see that there are no riddles! Let’s start by taking a look at what we need to do.


The image shows that you need to collect multiple things and do things in different places. Club Penguin Island screenshots take up a large amount of space to upload so I’m only going to be sharing a few images. I’ll try my best to explain using text!

Paper Trail:

In this challenge, you need to head over to Beacon Boardwalk and look for 5 confetti flowers. These are not far away from the Welcome Circle however you need to go East and West. They look like these blue ones.


Sweet Tweet:

If you’re a member, head over to Coconut Cove. When you enter the room, go left (west). When you pass the stage, head up the stairs. Go towards the medical box and tap the orange interact button. Then simply tap the button which looks like a whistle to be able to claim your reward.



Okay, this challenge is very difficult to explain. Basically, you need to refill your air at 8 bubbles underwater. This can be done by swimming into the bubbles, like so.


There are bubbles all over the island however I’m going to share the easiest method. Firstly, finish the race course which can be accessed on the left as soon as you jump in. Don’t try and go the quickest. Try to get into all three bubbles.

Then dive even more down. You’ll find at least one bubble on your way down. Go into that one. Head down and keep to the left. Eventually, you’ll reach the entrance to the Crab’s Den. Swim through the path touching all 4 bubbles to complete this challenge.


Beast Leap:

This challenge has already been done on the world Avalanche, so head over there by tapping “Worlds” in your settings.

If this wasn’t the case, you would need to create an animal costume in the Clothing Customiser. I’ve been wearing my leopard outfit for a few days and that was created with the “Top Dog” blueprint. Wear this then jump 10,000 times. Your friends could help you!

On the topic of friends, I’d like to give a shoutout to Slidder2! We met online yesterday and it was great! We chatted, played in a band and raced a few times (I lost…). I was also thrilled to hear that he likes reading this blog!

Thank you for the fun yesterday! If you meet Slidder online, make sure to add him as a friends as he’s really awesome.

Stay tuned to Club Penguin Mountains for the latest news! Just a quick update that our pages might seem a bit odd over the next few days. We’re working really hard to make our website ready for the new game and as such our pages are changing.

Waddle on!


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