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Club Penguin Island: New Levels with Each Update

Our blog received some more news from the Club Penguin Island team! Against some rumours, there will be new levels with each update. Here’s the email which we got from the team.


From this email, we know that there will be more to do with updates that will be coming to the game. It’s almost certain that Frank is referring to levels as I emailed him regarding levels. This is great news because it doesn’t seem too difficult to level up at the moment!

One thing that really interests me is how often these updates will be. It’s rare to see a popular app which has updates every week so I’m presuming when there are new updates, there’ll be lots of new content in them. Is this the best route to go? You tell me!

Be sure to visit Club Penguin Mountains for the latest news on our new island!

Waddle on!


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