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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 31/12/16

The final set of Daily Challenges for 2016 are out on Club Penguin Island! Today I’m going to help you complete them though two of them are repeats of previous challenges. As always, let’s start by taking a look at them.


Paper Trail: 

In this repeated challenge, you need to head over to Beacon Boardwalk and look for 5 confetti flowers. These are generally at the edge of the room however you need to go East and West. This challenge isn’t difficult to complete but I can’t share too many screenshots as they take up a lot of storage!

Confetti flowers look like these blue ones and there are only five of them in the area.

Want a Pizza me:

This is a repeated challenge for members only. You need to buy some pizza from a party supplies vendor. The easiest one to buy it from is the Welcome Market. Head over there (it’s the building with a yellow and pink shade) and press the orange interactive button. Pick up a pizza for 10 coins.

Next head to the waterfall in Coconut Cove (see above). You can go to it by going left (west) and passing the stage. Tap your tube in the bottom right hand corner. From the menu at the bottom of your screen, tap the green party hat. Then tap “party supplies” and find your pizza. Don’t eat it yet!

Jump into the water. Only when you have finished falling down the waterfall should you consume your pizza by tapping the orange interact button in the bottom right of your screen.

Sea Scepter:

Head to the Sea Caves and go underwater! You need to get to the Throne Room, which can be done by swimming a bit deep but sticking to the right. You’ll see a sign for it and you’ll need to swim through 5 arches to get there. Once you’re there, head over to the sceptre next to the throne and press the orange interactive button to equip it.


You need to do three special moves with it. Simply click each of the blue sceptre buttons at the bottom of your screen. If they don’t show, then you’ve not equipped the sceptre.


Once you have pressed these three buttons, you will be able to claim your reward.


Swim Team Trials:

In this challenge, penguins need to swim through ten thousand arches. There are six underwater. One is in the Race Course and five are in the entrance to the Throne Room. All you need to do to contribute to this challenge is simply swim through one of these. An arch looks like this.


That’s all for todays Daily Challenges! They were a bit disappointing as I completed them within minutes and once again, it was a repeat of another challenge! Also, today is the last day of 2016! For the first time, I’ll be able to post 2017 Daily Challenges tomorrow!

Best of luck in 2017, everyone! 🙂



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