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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 01/01/17

The first Daily Challenges of 2017 are out on Club Penguin Island and we’ve got a guide to help you complete them! The island seems empty at the moment which might make some of the tasks pretty difficult to complete. Let’s take a look at them!


Sand vs Snow:

For this task, you simply need to throw 20 snowballs at Coconut Cove. Just head over to the Cove and tap this button on the sand to throw a snowball!


Tap the button another 19 times so that in total you have thrown 20 snowballs. Once you’ve done this, you can claim your reward.


Pie in the Sky:

Firstly, members will need to buy a “Large Pizza”. You have to be level 5 to be able to do this and it costs 40 coins. They can be found almost anywhere. I just got mine at the Welcome Market.


Head over to the Migrator in Beacon Boardwalk. Once you’re on it, go right (east) to the mat that takes you to the Crow’s Nest. You will need at least one friend to hep you. Once you’re there, tap the green party supplies hat – party supplies – large pizza and tap the orange interact button.

Your friend will need to eat all 6 slices of the pizza for you to be able to claim your reward. THis might take a while and the more friends you have, the easier it’ll be. TheJbot was kind enough to help me out!


Once you’ve got your reward, remember to help other penguins out by eating their pizza. Non-members can also eat the pizza which they give!


Salty’s Riddle!

AT LAST! A riddle! It may not be the most difficult riddle however at least it is a riddle! Head over to the Sea Caves and jump right in. You need to get to the Throne Room by swimming fairly deep but sticking to the right. The entrance are a few arches which you need to swim through.

Next waddle over to the Throne Room’s chair. Open up your emoji bar and find these orange and purple ones.


Simply tap them! If you’re in the correct spot, the challenge would be completed and you’ll be able to claim your reward!


The Jigs up:

Head back to the Migrator in Beacon Boardwalk but this time you’ll need to pick up a Pirate Kit. This can be done by going to the right )east) of the ship and tapping the orange interactive button when you’re close to the vase you see at the back of this image.


Head over to Rockhopper and play the accordion. This can be done by tapping the top blue button at the bottom of your screen. You’ll need 4 friends to help you with this but unfortunately the island was empty when making this post!


That’s all there is to it! I hope this guide helped you! It’s pretty cool to see another riddle and to not have a repeat of a past challenge. I can’t wait to bring you some great content this year! Happy New Year everyone!

Waddle on!


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