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Club Penguin Island Daily challenges – 11/01/17

The new Daily Challenges are out on Club Penguin Island and whilst they might be fairly simple, they are not bugged! Furthermore, the team tweeted that they are working on fixing bugs with the challenges! Today I’m going to help you complete the challenges. Let’s take a look.


Frozen Fever:

Head to the Hot Spring in Beacon Boardwalk. It is at the place near where you log off. Simply open your emoji bar and tap the frozen emoji!


You’ll need to wait a few seconds but as soon as you’ve tapped it, you will be able to claim your reward!


Go Loopy:

Head up to the Lighthouse in Beacon Boardwalk by going on the brown springboard mat. Once you are there, use the trackpad to waddle around the bulb, ensuring that you don’t fall off. You will then be able to claim your reward!


Air up There:

Head over to the Bouncy Mat in Coconut Cove. This is located south of the Stage in the water and can be swum to by anyone. Simply waddle on to it, bounce 10 times and claim your reward!


Sub-stantial Party:

Firstly, as a member, you’ll need to have a shark costume. You might have this from a previous challenge and if you do, simply wear it. If not, tap the blue button at the bottom of your screen, go to “My Designer” and buy a shark costume. Decals and fabrics don’t matter! Next just put it on.


Gather 4 friends who are also wearing the “Sea Shark” costume and head over to the Party Submarine. This can be done by travelling a bit deep in the Sea Caves and sticking to the left. Once you’re all there, you can claim your reward.




  • No bugs whatsoever! That’s great!
  • A community challenge which appears easy but truly is a community challenge


  • I don’t know what else to say other than they are so easy. Where’s the riddles gone?!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading!

Waddle on!


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