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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 12/01/17

The new Daily Challenges are out on Club Penguin Island and I think that they are great! As always, I’m going to help you complete them. Let’s start by taking a look at the tasks!


When you Wish:

Head over to the Wishing Statue on the hill of Beacon Boardwalk. Simply waddle over to it and jump three times by tapping the blue jump buttom at the bottom right of your screen. Then you can just claim your reward!


Plunges for Sponges:

Head over to the Sea Caves and head to sponges. When you’re close to them, tap the orange interactive button. If you’ve done this three times, you will be able to claim your reward!

They are located:

  • By the entrance to the Race Course
  • By the exit from the Race Course
  • By the Party Submarine propeller


O2 Easy:

In the Deep Sea Caves, you simply need to swim into an air bubble. Then you can claim your reward.


More Cocoa than Penguin:

This community challenge can only be completed by members but I would be so surprised if we finished it. Buy some “Hot Cocoa” from any party supplies market for 10 coins.


Head to the Lazy River in Coconut Cove. Wear your tube and once you have fallen down the waterfall, drink a hot cocoa to help contribute to this challenge!




  • Completely free of bugs!
  • The solo challenges had mixed difficulty – two were easy but the second one took a bit of time, which was great!
  • I spent over 10 minutes completing these set of challenges!


  • The community challenge seems impossible to complete, which is ridiculous.

That’s all for today’s challenges! Thank you very much for reading and I hope that this helped!

Waddle on!


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