Club Penguin Island

Club Penguin Island Event – 14/01/17

As Club Penguin Island has released in Canada, many new users were online! Very recently, players just hosted a random, unplanned event. All I basically did was hang out in the Welcome Circle and play music on the stage. Here’s some screenshots of the fun!

The event was extremely fun even though we just messed around! I used multiple party supplies from food to 3 party blasters and 2 piñatas! In fact, Club Penguin beta tester Kirbyrox was also online!

This just shows the potential of just having unplanned parties and events when the game releases. It’s so simple, particularly with party blasters! However, it’s still really fun and entertaining even though there’s not currently much to do. The filter helps a lot though.

I’d like to thank everyone who attended for the fun! Have you hung out with many friends on Club Penguin Island?

Waddle on!


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