Club Penguin Mountains Status Update 

Today I’m making a rather unfortunate post about the future of the blog which you’re reading. I’d like to start by thanking everyone for the amazing support recently! More and more people have started reading my content which I really appreciate! 

So let me explain how domains work. Basically, last year I paid for “” to become “”. The domain is meant to be renewed yesterday but it expires next month. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to renew it. 

This essentially means that in a months time, the domain will go back to how it was before. Here’s the problem with this though. All of my SEO will be deleted meaning that new viewers won’t be able to read this blog. Google will completely remove me and I’ll lose my high ranking which has taken ages to earn.

That’s why I’m thinking of closing down Club Penguin Mountains again. A blog is meant to be a place where people read content but there’ll be no people left now due to these domain issues. I’m a bit confused though with the expiration date and the renewal date so I’ll speak with WordPress about that soon. 

I either have the choice of letting the site die gradually or just getting rid of it now. I’m not sure if I want to get rid of it though since I’ve already closed it once for two years. However, losing your SEO is a big deal for a blogger and that’s going to happen really soon. 

I’ll decide soon as to the future of this blog but these are just a few issues I’m facing. In the meantime, prepare for some awesome new content this Spring. Currently I’m just testing stuff and gathering feedback from a few people though a lot of changes are coming soon!

Thanks for reading this short update,  

-Torres 126 


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