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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 15/01/17

There are new tasks for us to complete on Club Penguin Island!


See Waves:

Tap the green party hat at the bottom of your screen. Then tap gear. Find the Lifeguard Kit and tap it to equip it!


Now head over to the rowboat at Beacon Boardwalk. Once you’re standing next to it, tap the binoculars icon at the bottom right of your screen to be able to claim your reward!


Brain Waves:

Firstly, head over to the Party Submarine in the Sea Caves. If you go just a bit deeper down when you’re in the party submarine, you’ll get to a small tube which leads to a tiny area. Go down there. Keep in mind that this is what brain coral looks like!


You’ll need to see two pieces of brain coral and swim past them. One is located below the Party Submarine in the small section there.


For the second one, you simply need to complete a race in the Sea Caves. Then you can claim your reward.

Geyser Higher:

You need to ride 5 water geysers! This can be done by heading to the water in Beacon Boardwalk. Whenever you see a blue circle like the one below, swim to it!

Once you’re on it, you will be blasted into the sky. As soon as the bug is fixed, you can do this five times to complete your reward.

Bonus Birthdays:

As a member, you need to first purchase some cake from any party supplies market! You can then eat this cake by going to “My Inventory” – “Party Supplies” – “Birthday Cake” – tapping the orange interactive button. This will contribute to the Daily Challenge.


Members who are level 5 and above can by the “Birthday Cake” to share food with others, including non-members. 5000 is a big number but I think we can achieve it.


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