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Agents & Ninjas Coming to Club Penguin Island

It has been confirmed that EPF agents and ninjas are going to make their way over to Club Penguin Island. At Megg’s meet-up, two players, Bloxorz and Labhhhhh took screenshots of this news!


This is interesting as it suggests that Card Jitsu might return. I’m not too sure though as there have been so many things promised by the team to do with ninjas and Card-Jitsu that never happened. If ninjas do return, I doubt that they will bring the game we all know and love to the island though it would be great if they did!

EPF is also interesting for that would suggest new quests and operations. I can’t wait to see the potential of the tasks which we will need to do on the new island once agents are released! I’m curious to know how long “eventually” and “one day” are. I would be surprised if we saw them at launch but maybe this year?

Be sure to check back frequently for the latest news!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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