Chris Gliddon’s Powerful Post

Amongst all these articles by popular websites and official news outlets, Chris Gliddon has written something extremely special which I would reccommend you read.

Many of you might know him as Polo Field, the moderator who joined the team in 2006 but left in 2015. In this article, he shares an untold perspective of Club Penguin, a history few know about and also talks about his time with the team. It is an amazing yet interesting read!

Link: https://chrisgliddon.com/how-club-penguin-changed-my-life-b6d3f9a9625e

The reason why I am sharing that post here is because I know that many readers are active in the Club Penguin community but maybe not in the social media community. I just thought that those who were not aware about it would like to know.

Polo Field is now Tiger and amongst other things, he is teamed up with his friend Nathan to create a YouTube channel, Tiger/Wolf. You can check it out here!

Please go show Chris some love as he’s done so much for the community and for Club Penguin! Thank you! 🙂


    • Torres 126

      Thank you very much! I really appreciate that so much! Thank you!

      I only started blogging in 2013 and whilst I didn’t get as many views, I think that more people commented then. It’s interesting though as it’s now pretty rare for blogs to get comments.

      Personally, I felt Club Penguin started declining in 2014. It was still going very strong in 2009, despite missing its targets. I guess that Club Penguin Island is now the future.

      Thank you for the kind words once again. 🙂

      • Sebastianul

        I remember the days when Mimo777 had hundreds of comments in some articles. Turns out the decline of CP began after the peak in December 2010 – I think it’s because people had to depend on membership more and more. I like that you do this because of your passion, not for the views.

        Anyway, sorry if you don’t agree with my views – I played CP only from september 2008 to march 2010.

        I also used a picture from your site here, hope that’s okay:


        Yes, I am a blogger just like you, though WoT is my main focus ^^

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