An Update to Free Club Penguin Graphics

For over two years, I’ve been proud to create free Club Penguin graphics for almost everyone and attempting to do it as fast as possible. Unfortunately, I must now end this due to the game closing.

February 2 2017:

All automatic updated image requests have been fulfilled and I apologise for the delay. I will continue to make these before the game closes and I suggest you save them! All unfulfilled requests have been deleted.

The rich penguin, mascot playercard, recolour custom penguin, custom stamps and logo requests have been closed

Our items cutouts page has been deleted

March 24th 2017:

Our free graphics system is closed permanently

March 29th 2017:

Club Penguin closes and all automatic updated images will probably be wiped.

March 30th 2017:

All graphic pages are deleted. From this point, our media library will slowly wipe all graphics made throughout the years.

We thank you for the support of this service for over two years however now we have no choice but to slowly phase it out.

-Torres 126

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