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CPI Rating Request Implemented

Club Penguin Island now has a tab that could appear in-game that requests for you to leave a positive review of the game on the Google Play Store or App Store. Cookiezitto kindly gave me permission to share the image which he recently encountered. 

Although there’s not been much news on the world recently, I still do find this rather interesting. I’m pleased that they decided to add this as the rating of the game is the first thing a new Penguin will see before considering to download this amazing app.

Unfortunately, the app hasn’t been rated too positively due to the result of the classic game closing down and because non-member features are very limited. That being said, those who really would love to rate the game positively generally don’t have the opportunity to do so yet until it’s launched in their country, which is likely to be the case in early March.

Once again I’d like to thank Cookiezitto for this piece of news in a time where information has been very scarce. I do hope to have a cool edition of The CP Times published this week though! Thanks for reading!

-Torres 126 

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