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Club Penguin Island Party Cancelled

Unfortunately just five minutes into what was supposed to be a half an hour party, I’m going to have to end it there. I did clear all my party blasters and my XL ones too! We did have a great deal of fun in the short amount of time! However, we also did have issues and people kept disconnecting, including myself.

There is good news though, there will be another fix against these bugs today and I wish them luck in fixing this major issue.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Danar435

    So, i didnt miss alot. JK, im sure that it would be a great party, but after the update… Ahhh… Soon we may host anoter parties. And i think for now the server called “Jackhammer” works the best. So GLITCHING ON! (on the jackhammer server XD)

    • Torres 126

      Yeah, I think I can start hosting events when the servers are more stable. I can’t even get on to switch servers most of the time but hopefully the new update fixes this.

  • Yehaw CPI now

    I bought 14 pizzas for dinner on CPI! And 1 slice of cake for dessert :P. And Torres, I made my own CP logo and I want you to see it! And if you want I can make you one!

    • Torres 126

      Lol! I have a whole load of party supplies! I’m kind of find on Club Penguin Mountains graphics at the moment, but thanks for the offer! Also, I’d love to see your logo!

      You can upload it to an image site and leave the link here or email it to “”.

  • Cheesy Blues

    I would like to share the Shellbeard Warp glitch here, not sure if its appropriate to post it here. (Members)

    1. Start Rockhopper’s Adventure “A Pirates Share”.
    2. Go to the cove and place the pearl (wait for cutscene to end)
    3. Try to leave (Shell beard will place a wall)
    4. Jump to a friend who is on a different server
    5. Return to the cove and try to renter the area (He will says “What are you doing out there, come here!”
    6. Walk towards the water to the south until you are in a swimming animation (You want to get into the water before he says “Come here!”
    7. He will warp you under the cove in which you have to press settings. (If you don’t press settings you will be spawned back to the cove entrance)

    From here you can use a void tube jump to access any outer area in the cove.

    Void Tube Jump (Explained)

    After you hit settings after you are a good amount from the respawn trigger, you will be placed back to your spawn due to the settings ability to create your spawn (designer works too)

    You would be in a loop in which you want to tap the tube after you have hit the respawn trigger.
    If done correctly, you would be launcher high into the sky in which you you can control your tube in mid air to go where ever you please.
    One thing to note is that you can hit settings any time to save your location.
    Another thing to note is that if you hit settings to close to the respawn trigger, you will get stuck and have to either jump to a friend or restart the app to try again.

    I hope this glitch finds you well and remember to have fun!

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